Appeal of dismissed support ticket

I followed the usual steps to request an edit to a local wayspot (the local Tourist Information Centre), as they’ve recently relocated to another building down the road from their old building. It was a simple enough request.

I provided the name, old location, new location and several pieces of evidence (such as news articles and a listing on the town’s website) confirming the premises change happened around the beginning of this month. My ticket was dismissed without action though, saying that I should use the form to report the Wayspot. I wasn’t trying to report it as invalid though, I was simply trying to get it moved to the new address (and I may have also asked if the word “center” in the title and description could be changed to the British English “centre” whilst they were at it, as that’s what the correct spelling is here in Yorkshire).

My support ticket was #29814637 - could you get this rechecked for me @NianticAaron and please move the Wayspot to its new home?

Done! You should see the changes reflected soon.


Thank you @NianticAaron, I can confirm I’m seeing the changes :slight_smile: