Appeal rejected description edit: wrong location (repost from old forum)

Old forum link here. The mod said the edit was accepted but it never took effect in Ingress, so I don’t think it’s resolved.

Copy-pasting here:

Title of the Wayspot: 狮子 (“lion”)
Location: 31.23059,121.511806
Current description: 八佰伴南门石狮
Translation: Stone lion at the south gate of Babaiban
Proposed description: 八佰伴西门(4号门)石狮
Translation: Stone lion at the west gate (Gate 4) of Babaiban
City: Shanghai
Country: China
Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:
Satellite image of the mall:

Baidu Map street view (link: 百度地图 (

Additional information:
Satellite image shows this Wayspot is on the west side of the mall, not south side. Specifically, it is at Gate 4.

Thanks for the appeal, Explorer. Based on the evidence provided, we’ve made necessary changes to the description of the Wayspot.