Appeal rejected edit of inconsistent description (repost from old forum)

Old forum link here. The mod said the edit was accepted but it never took effect in Ingress, so I don’t think it’s resolved.

Copy-pasting here:

Title of the Wayspot: 夸父追日
Location: 31.208956,121.485598
Current description: 后羿射日 Houyi Capture Sun
Proposed description: (left blank)
City: Shanghai
Country: China
Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:
Photo on file:

Additional information:
夸父追日 (Wikipedia link) and 后羿射日 (Wikipedia link) are two different ancient Chinese myths. This relief art is about 夸父追日. The title is correct but the description is not. The description could be removed.

Hello, does this post meet the criteria of the community? It has not been reviewed for two weeks @NianticAtlas

Hi @tonygaosh thank you for the appeal! I’m reaching out to the relevant team for related information. I’ll provide you with an update as soon as possible.

Thanks @NianticAtlas,

@tonygaosh Could you please check if the changes reflect now?

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Hi @NianticAaron . I have waited for 48 hours after your reply, but no, it seems the change has not been reflected in the Ingress game.

All I want was to set the description back to blank.

That’s weird. I had removed the description manually from Ingress database. Is it possible to share a screenshot of the Portal in Ingress and I’ll flag it to the team?

Heres the Wayspot in question from within Ingress

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Muy buena propuesta