Appeal this rejected trail marker?

This Trailmarker is handmade and not mass-produced. It shows the way to a dog sports club. According to Niantic guidelines, this is a Trailmarker

that meets the criteria. Do you think Niantic will accept this in the appeal? The rejection came from the community and not from the AI.

Hello. I recommend that you check out Criteria Clarification Collection for a summary of previous criteria clarifications. There’s one whole topic devoted to Trail markers which should be considered as the only source of truth at this point in time.

It can always be worth a shot if you think it is a good location. Explain how it meets the different criteria in your appeal. It doesn’t seem as it was rejected for any particular reason. But the sign looks a bit flimsy, so you could stress that it’s permanent and explain for how long it’s been there. If they don’t accept you can always try nominating again.

Your supporting photo should prove that it’s on a trail. Otherwise it just looks like a directional sign. (Not a destination - you wouldn’t explore to see the sign. You’d explore to see a trail.)

Laut der Beschreibung ist das kein Wanderwegweiser / Trail Marker, sondern ein Richtungs-Wegweiser. Letzteres ist nicht akzeptabel.

Dadurch dass es kein Wanderwegweiser ist, trifft auch dein Screenshot von Giffards Kommentar nicht zu, der auĂźerdem in der Form sowieso nicht mehr existiert. Die aktuelle Auslegung findest du im Bereich Criteria Clarification Collection - Niantic Wayfarer , den SeaPrincess dir schon gegeben hat.

Wenn es Teil eines Wanderweges ist, solltest du das am Besten auch so hinschreiben und idealerweise auch zeigen können.

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This is not a trail marker at all. If this is what gets approved on appeal nowadays, then I have some signs telling you where the nearest McDonalds is to submit.

But it encourages exploration and is intended to encourage players to exercise. There are a lot of people here with dogs and some also play Niantic games. So the wayspot can be useful for going for a walk together. I wouldn’t compare a McDonald’s with a dog sports club.

Nah, mate. This is a sign that’s at the end of a street somewhere that tells you to turn left to go to the dog school. Not a trail marker in the slightest.

Appealing trail markers doesn’t always work anyway :sweat_smile: had an official biking trail rejected on appeal yesterday because “it’s just a normal sign”

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This is not a trail marker and should not have been approved.


So will it now be deleted, or does it not meet the removal criteria? :thinking:

Should’ve just kept your mouth shut and appealed it without drawing attention to it, OP.


If his treatment of all of my actual trail marker submissions is anything to go by, Aaron will see to it that this sign is removed ASAP.