Appeals Processing Update

Hello Explorers,

I wanted to share a quick update before we close out the week. As some of you may have noticed, we have made some changes to how we are processing Appeals. Some of you have seen that we’ve been processing newer Appeals and I want to let you know that we haven’t stopped addressing your older Appeals. Our approach has officially shifted to resolve Appeals in a First-In-First-Out fashion while also addressing them from a Last-In-First-Out approach. This will allow us to give you faster resolutions on newer Appeals while we work on addressing our oldest Appeals. So yes, you may see that an Appeal you submitted recently will be decided before one you submitted longer ago and that is working as intended for now. Once we have resolved all of the older Appeals to a more healthy Appeal flow, we will decide how to shift at that time if needed.

For any questions or comments check out the discussion.

Safe Exploring!
(originally posted on March 2023)

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