Are post boxes automatic rejections now?

I am not sure that’s just Scotland :sweat_smile:
I do think the level of “acceptable” graffiti is area specific… and sometimes reviewers have some pretty unrealistic views of what the ideal vs reality is

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Would they repaint it if i asked my local post office? :thinking: or would i have to contact them via email about it? (I was just thinking of putting a comment in thr supporting message that this post box has been vandalised and there isnt much i could i about but it gives the postbox personality? :sweat_smile::thinking:

Well, despite reading “POST OFFICE” they are actually owned by Royal Mail, which used to be the same thing but is now in the hands of bloodsucking venture capitalists who will drain it of all value and then throw the ruined husk back at the taxpayer.

They should repaint it in time, if they last any longer than a lettuce that is.

How long does a lettuce last these days? I’d hope at least 49 days?


Still longer than certain Prime Ministers, yes.

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