Are post boxes automatic rejections now?

The AI rejected my nomination due to “wayfarer criteria”. I have no idea what that means so I am unable to improve my submission. Or maybe post boxes are now ineligible. How am I supposed to know?

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You may want to see this topic:

Thanks I read it but didn’t get any conclusion from it. Then it evolved into a discussion on coal tax posts.

I’d like to know two things:

Can we still submit post boxes?
And can we have clearer feedback so we don’t waste hours of our time submitting and resubmitting without any idea what we are doing wrong?

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Sorry, but I’m not from the UK, which is why I suggested the UK postbox topic. And yes, topics get out of hand at times here, moving quite a ways away from the topic at times.

When they started using the auto system, Emily, to check submissions we started seeing auto rejects of postboxes. There is also little point in appealing because the appeals team doesn’t like them like we do.
If you can get past auto reject then U.K. reviewers will normally accept a GR one.
It’s not impossible to get past Emily.
I think we concluded that the focus needs to be on the cypher in the photo and the text. Maybe someone else can post a recent success?

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You can still submit postboxes if you believe they meet the criteria (I think they do).

However as mentioned, Machine Learning doesn’t like them for whatever reason, and the Appeal reviewers do not understand the nuances of the UK postboxes so you do have a few barriers to get through. I would resubmit this one if you can.

As for recent success, this was March, if that helps anyone.

To echo @PkmnTrainerJ 's experience, I also had an Edward VII box accepted in March.

Got this accepted on the fourth attempt in January, AI rejected before and then rejected in appeal.

This one went straight through…

Honestly, I still don’t know what triggers the AI. That looks like a perfectly reasonable wayspot to me.


Niantic have never really clarified what is acceptable.

VR, GRVI, ERVII, ERVIII and anonymous will most likely be accepted by reviewers.

GR maybe, EIIR no, Scottish crown no.

Emily might reject any of the above.

Don’t base what you see in game on what you can submit.

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If Niantic had guidelines for UK postboxes, they’d probably need guidelines for all postboxes worldwide…

Ive stopped calling them post boxes and instead say cyper, seems to get by the ai fikter every time. Or call ot a pillar box

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