Best Practices: Know before reporting

You can submit detailed bug reports, add comments/context to other reports, or upvote reports to indicate they are experiencing a similar issue. Moderators will respond to bug reports by changing their status. Here’s a list of statuses and what they mean:

  • New - Default status for all bug reports
  • Investigating - Moderators have escalated this bug to the Wayfarer team
  • Working On A Fix - Confirmed bug, we’re determining the next steps
  • Resolved - A fix has been pushed and should no longer be impacting users
  • Working As Intended - The issue described is not a bug

Known Issues that we’ve confirmed will be moved to their own category in the forum, so players can quickly view the top bugs currently in the game.


  • Browse the Known Issues category or check if a similar issue was previously reported
  • Upvote or comment on other topics to let us know that you’ve experienced the same issue
  • Submit bugs individually to keep discussions on topic
  • Follow-up, we may ask additional questions about your bug report