Best way to remove a wayspot?!

So I go through the game and report the wayspot and wait for a response.
FYI I have some reports that are taking more than 2 months. I believe my oldest is April 7. Others could be older, but lost in my email, as I changed my organization process.
I receive an accept - yay! Likely because I know GSV is up to date or at least no longer shows the wayspot there.
I receive a reject because… either GSV isn’t up to date, not available, or I need to prove it’s private property.

Previously, I was using the forum and filing a thread for the wayspot. On the new forum, I did the same, but was suggested to use the Wayspot Removals tab at the top.

So now, I have a huge amount of my reports back. Thanks, Niantic! You were busy this afternoon.

Should I use this ‘Wayspot Removals’ tab or file a thread to appeal?

Not sure what is the best way to go about it. We have a category for it, but is it used for appealing already removed wayspots rather than appealing ones that need to go?

Should I go through the game first or just submit on this website?
A few portals were used abusively since a highway was changed and a boundary sign - yup that apparently was approved was now in the middle of this busy highway. Thankfully, that report only took 2 weeks. In hindsight, I probably should have reported that one, but I am trying not to completely piss off the other players.
I make waves wherever I go :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
People tell scary bedtime stories about me, watch out :ghost:
It’s actually quite funny. People don’t like change, but I don’t like “No pedestrian access” wayspots on a highway that actually no longer exist or do but are not safe.
Hopefully an ambo can tell me what is the best way to do this? Still don’t see a pin at the top of the Wayspot Appeal category explaining stuff.

I still use the Wayspot Appeals thread to have a rejected removal request verified, and have gotten Wayspots removed with additional evidence. It’s just edits and photos that you appeal in Contribution Management, and the Wayspot Removals link just tells you how to request removal via the apps.

Here’s my last one, which I submitted on May 8th, got rejected on either May 15th or 16th, and posted about removing it on May 16th with the additional info:

This is not true. It also links you to the “property owner” form which we have been told that we can use to remove POI that are no longer there, are unsafe, or are on ineligible locations. This form is by far the fastest way to get a result for a removal.

I used the removal form yesterday for a wayspot located on private property. Back to the issue I guess that any home-based business, in this case a woodworker, can have their own wayspot. They were not the one who created it. They work out of their shop and mostly transport the carved wood furniture to other’s homes but will allow people to come see some work occasionally by appointment only.

Is this faster or is it a hassle?! I have used this way to remove wayspots during the challenge and it was annoying, time consuming, and often led to disappointment.
Did you know that casinos are okay for wayspots now?! You need to be a director to remove it. It doesn’t matter that it is ineligible. I reported two or three wayspots at a casino via this form during the challenge and was denied. I only did this because the nomination I reviewed was for a casino.
I am sure if I posted the disc golf course that had each hole and basket via this forum someone would have looked at the whole area. The first I did via the form and had to report each individual one. While some think individual holes are okay, it is not meeting criteria. To be honest they said they received this in another one of my requests and were combining them to one thread. I actually don’t recall getting a response, but I reported so did my due diligence.
So for the next course I came across I reported them all via the form but on one form and they removed only that one. I indicated that I came across this in a review and that it is a hassle to individually report them all and wanted to have them look at the area. They removed it and told me for the others I can report then via the game.
It might be faster to do it via the website, but do we need to report in game first? Wait 2+months to have it looked at then send it in. Should we just report it off the bat. Should I not list it on the thread so then others can see. I did that with a statue located at a home-based massage business and after Niantic rejected my removal request, others chimed in and they removed it. The location across the way from this on private property is still in queue I guess from April 7th. It was mentioned by someone on that thread that it was on private property and it is.
Yet here I have another home based business from a woodworker who doesn’t have an on-site open shop for pieces for sale or anything and that is ok. First denied via the game and then this form request.

That was fast turnaround! Not my previous experience and likely why I was directed to the form. But likely the best way for transparency.

I would like removal reports to be in the contribution page, but since they are not, I can look in my emails.
I have one from April 7th (my oldest tagged report removal) that I submitted. Should I wait it out on the older ones or just use the report form. It says to use the game to report, which I did.
It seems odd that some reports get looked at faster than others. More recent ones have already been reviewed and appealed if needed, compared to some of my older ones.