Censorship on the forum

I made a post stating that edit corrections could lead to removal. My post was taken down for being “factually incorrect and misleading” but that is exactly what happened:

Then @tehstone made a similar post with a similar warning, and that is also gone.

Decisions I think are bad are part of Wayfarer, but not being able to let others in the community know this can happen is censorship.


I expect this thread to get hidden as well but I’m going to write up a detailed post later today about what’s going on and why it’s not ok and it will be completely factual with no errors, lies, or omissions. surely that post will remain up, it would be a bad look to remove that simply to save face


I don’t know, as much disagreement for the removal - @tehstone post was off topic to the appeal

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I wanted to reply on one of the other threads, but it was locked.

I don’t think there’s any evidence that Niantic has anyone who is capable of managing their criteria, policies, communications, or terms.

The reason we see irrational, illogical and contradictory actions and replies to our efforts is that they don’t know how to do better. This scares their workers, who then come off similarly to beat cops.

If they know a rule, they pound the rules. If they know a fact, they pound the facts. If they don’t know the rules or the facts, they pound the table and threaten to pound your head.

People don’t usually enjoy being scared, so I kinda feel sorry for them. But I’m quite unhappy with the position their inability puts us in.