Co zrobić pokestop

Witam. Co mogę zrobić z zaakceptowanym pokestope który dodałem w złej komórce? Żeby się pojawił.

If it’s already in the correct location, meaning that it’s on the object that it represents, then you can’t do anything. Location edits are only intended to be used to correct locations. They’re not intended to be used to manipulate what appears on game maps.


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@hankwolfman has explained that if everything is where it should be then you can’t move the wayspot to another cell simply to get it to appear in Pokemon Go. You also can’t resubmit at a different location because it will be spotted as a duplicate. So for that wayspot you have to accept unfortunately that as things stand it wont appear.

I am going to move this thread to Nomination Support Category.
If you would like help with your nominations then please do follow up with further questions. There may be other objects nearby that will make good candidates and perhaps we can help with those.

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