Consulta de waypost

Hice una propuesta para un jardín de eventos, pero fue rechazado.
Creo que todo está en órden, y me parece un lugar bueno para una pokeparada.
La primera foto corresponde al lugar por dentro, y la segunda es la fachada.

¿Que sería lo que está mal?

What reason did they give on the rejection?

Well that isn’t very helpful, is it? Could it be that they cannot see the actual nomination on the map? The supporting photo is supposed to show the nomination as well, to help the person reviewing to confirm it’s the same place if it isn’t visible on street view.

Was the email rejecting from the community or the team? I’m just wondering if eMiLy has rejected it - that usually gives the Wayfarer Criteria reason.

It should say at the very top of the message if it is the community or not (underneath the thank you for nominating). So a recent rejection of mine says “Unfortunately, the community has decided…” the bottom is always signed from the wayfarer team. The AI rejections say “Unfortunately, our team has decided”

If it’s the team, you could try appealing and put more information in as to why you think it should be accepted.

If it’s the community I guess it means they found it didn’t match the criteria of socialise, exercise or explore - try renominating it and adding info in as to why you think it fits one of those criteria.

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They didn’t give me the option to appeal on this occasion haha

I don’t know if I have to do it here, I’m really very new to this place.

You only get 2 appeals every 20 days I think it is - so if you have appealed anything recently, you will need to wait to get your appeals back.

You can’t appeal them here I’m afraid, only through the contributions page.