Could this farm shop be eligible?

This farm shop in nottinghamshire was established in 1954 by the Harker family. Now in its third generation as a family-run business, it’s one of the best and one of the oldest farm shops in the county. This farm shop focuses on having local produce in the shop. It’s in a village of 62 people with no other businesses

Some links as proof

Count me in. What a great local business and all those awards…and the clincher it says there is a play area.


It will probably still get rejected as a generic business, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Yes there is that but a good write up should help…I would say it was a destination place as having read about it I would be tempted to go there.

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Considering the amount of times I’ve seen ‘Try submitting the play area in the McDonalds…’ I’d be happy to accept this.

The tricky bit is convincing reviewers that it’s somewhere to go rather than just somewhere to go do some shopping?

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Hopefully it wont take more than 1 nomination as its a village with 0 wayspots on the map and theres about 5 wayspots that could get accepted there that i could nominate when i visit on Tuesday and i only have 2 that i can do today.

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I would definitely vote to accept something like this. Farm shops are “explore” for me. They’re incredibly important to the local community and provide employment and places to sell products for an actual profit which is sadly not a given for farmers

Often they have coffee and cake etc so you can socialise there too. In a village of 62, it may well be the place to meet up.

Good enough

:+1: x7

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The only other place people could really meet up is at the centre where theres a noticeboard and post box

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