Darianna’s bows and more

I need help i tryed so hard to get to this level for my to get pokestops rejected its not fair i been a member since this app stared and my wife owns small buissness at home allot of pol come daily its not fair that they dont approve it i need help pls asap its not fair that i post the store and other ppl just take random fotos and they get approved its not fair pls help


Mod Edit: We’ve removed one of the images. If you feel this image needs to be shared on the forum, please request a DM from us.

Please give us screenshots of your nomination including both photos, rejection reasons, and all text. If that first photo was your main photo, it was rejected for having a face in it. That is not allowed.

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If this is operating out of your home, it will be rejected every time if it is SFPRP (Single Family Private Residential Property).

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I think that would depend on the layout for example some people have a flat above their store so the ground floor is business premises and the upper floor is residential. That’s quite common in the UK and those business premises are acceptable as wayspots if they meet some criteria

For this particular nomination, I’m not sure how the store would meet the exercise, socialise or explore critieria so I dont know that it could be accepted even with different images.

I see that there are pokemon cards - does the store have a place for people to meet and play card games for example, as well as buying them? That would help it meet the “socialise” criteria. The stall selling bows alone doesn’t seem to meet any of the 3.


right that is why i said “if” and explained SFPRP - and why i asked for the screenshots of the nomination, since i am not seeing what criteria it could meet

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We on it but its public to any one that comes here

Is the POI located in your home or is it a business location? Even if located as a standalone business, I think it will be a difficult task to make the argument it is a great place to explore.
As mentioned above, if you post your full nomination, the community could be more help.

What is the artwork in the picture? I can’t get a sense of scale to figure out how big it is.

If its some permanent wall art at the business then it could potentially make a good submission. If its a small picture propped up on a desk with some pebbles then no.

If I type “Darianna’s bows and more” into Google, I don’t get any business listings that match, and the only search results that do match are from this thread/forum.

Businesses that are based out of a single family private residence are ineligible because they’re on single family private residential property. Niantic won’t even accept requests for sponsored locations that are for businesses run from a single family private residence.

If you really think this business would be eligible, it would likely need its own premises that isn’t at your home.

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