Denial clarification

Hello, interested in clarification on a nomination that wasn’t approved if there’s anything I can do to help meet the criteria. Also if I should appeal it or make any changes. I know of at least 4 Pokemon go players that would love to see this approved. I also edited where I mistyped from “changes” to “changed”

It would help to see the full nomination and the rejection reasons.


Thank you, I’m curious what else to add it looks like possibly below the second picture there’s coordinates? I’ll attach that and the denial message which didn’t include much about the denial.

The email says “our team” rejected this so it never got to “community” voting. I am going to guess it says the rejection reason was “Wayfarer criteria” on your contributions page. As long as this does have safe pedestrian access, I would recommend that you submit it again with a head on shot that will make it easier for the ML (machine learning) model to detect something eligible in the photo, and either accept it or let it go into community voting.

I would really double down on proving that it has safe pedestrian access, because it doesn’t appear to have it to me from the photos.

Is this the right spot? I don’t see safe pedestrian access.

If you do decide to submit again, we could work on the text of your description and supporting, but I am not convinced you should resubmit this.

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I appreciate the clarification. There’s actually two pokestops close by with equal to or less pedestrian access being further from the nearest city. There is a ton of foot and bicycle traffic in the area, on the same side of the street as the nomination. I even saw one of those elliptical bikes today. The location is correct other than the pin almost appears to be on the terrain and not on the bridge’s concrete wall. Possibly photographing it from the other side of the street or adjusting the pin location would help? Take a picture of the bridge itself instead of the plaque? Just throwing ideas out there.

What abouta photo like that

Welcome @svtford4x4
Let’s see if we can help you with this one.
The interesting thing here is not the bridge - it does not look special.
The plaque is something someone could stop and look at. So you need to focus everything on those points. That means a photo where the plaque fills what someone sees and a description that draws out why this plaque is special. You also need to address the “stop at look at” part to ensure it’s safe to do.
I’ve done some photo manipulation on your original - obviously poor quality but I think it illustrates what @cyndiepooh was also saying.

So take another photo straight on and aim for something like this.
Your original is more or less what the supporting photo should look like as you can see the plaque and what you need to show more clearly is what the pavement/sidewalk area is so you can demonstrate the safety aspect.
Your description needs to explain what the initials on the plaque says and if these are rare and some history about the bridge.

Having said all that I do think the safety aspect is the major issue here. I’m based in U.K. and it never fails to amaze me the lack of paved safe walking in the USA……so there is an element of what is normally expected where you are. There are no proper walking areas leading up to the bridge and there is only a small area to stand on. There should be nothing about this in the description but it should be fully addressed in the supporting.
To sum up prove it is safe and interesting.
Good luck

Oh wow! I never looked at it from that perspective. Thank you. That makes sense and is very much appreciated. I thought the point of the picture was to help identify where it was located and make it easier to find. The bridge itself transformed the city. Still to this day, buildings are being demolished that this railroad has superseded. There’s also some folklore to it, and the old abandoned railroad section house has since been demolished as well. The bridge alone has made the city and this area safer overall, moving them away from pedestrians. The shoulders that are used for a walkway or biking once the sidewalk ends are quite wide. I would be willing to resubmit with the updates and changes made. It doesn’t hurt to try.