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Double Take Syndrome - Common illness amongst reviewers, DTS usually manifests itself in three distinct stages disbelief, confusion and resignation

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Would you like to add: geotagged photo
And here also exist nothing about the main photo. While you friendly write something about the supporting photo, that’s a white spot.


Abuse ladder: A system of punishment set up to punish abusers proportionally to the offense they commit. Offences could include falsifying wayspots that do not exist, or intentionally including incorrect information such as locations that are not accurate.

Abuse report: A situation where an explorer is reporting to Niantic an abusive situation on Niantic map or within the Wayfarer community.

Duplicate: When a nomination already exists on the Niantic Map. Some wayspots may not show in all Niantic games, but a nomination will be marked as a duplicate if the wayspot is already in the database.
Edit: Changes to a wayspot that are suggested by a wayfarer. These can include location corrections, and adjustments to the title or description, and they may be seen on the contribution page.

Eligibility Criteria: The guidelines a location has to follow for it to be eligible to becoming a Wayspot. These criteria are subject to change over time and the current version is available on the wayfarer website.

Game Reference: Terms that refer to specific niantic games such as “PokéStop,” “Gym,” “Ingress,” “Portal,” and “Pokémon.” should not be used in the title or description of a nomination. Since wayspots are used in multiple games, these references can be confusing to players and are grounds for rejecting a wayspot.

Wayspot photo: Image that is taken by a nominator and is included when submitting a new wayspot. This image will become the primary photo visible on that wayspot in the map and in any games that include it.



Geotagged Photo: Photos taken on most smartphones will have the location they were taken embedded in the data. This information might be used by Niantic to help verify the accuracy of wayspot locations.

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While I truly understand your frustration and the sentiment behind your concerns, a glossary is not the proper place to express views that are highly polarized. I also have some very real concerns about issues with the abuse ladder, in particular, in relation to the “educational emails” being sent to people for nominations like trail markers that most of the community supports, and that meet the criteria as shown on the wayfarer site. But I hope the definition as I have posted it, falls better in line with what that abuse ladder is SUPPOSED to be.

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Educational Email: Messages sent to wayfarers when Niantic deems that some of their nominating or reviewing behavior is out of line with the desired criteria. These emails do not progress a wayfarer up the abuse ladder, even if they include terms like “report, internal review, abuse, infraction and ban”




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Yes. I’m with you, that a glossary can help and should grow up with common terms used by niantic or even in this forum.

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Profile: Portion of the wayfarer website where the user can access their information, details and metrics.

Review: The act of assessing the merit of the nomination to determine if it will be Accepted or Rejected.

Showcase A section of the Wayfarer portal where spotlight Wayspots are featured. These wayspots are selected by niantic chosing out of recently approved wayspots, based on some metrics for quality and approval percentage.

Sponsored Wayspot: Wayspot that has been paid for by a business or organization to be included in Niantic games. These are often companies like Starbucks and McDonalds, whose locations would otherwise be rejected as Generic Business.

Wayfinder rating: Ranking from poor, fair, good to great which illustrate the overall alignment of the explorer with the rest of the community when reviewing.

In Voting: Term that the users see when their contribution enters voting by the community.

IN VOTING! Niantic https://wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/imgpub/logos/niantic-airship.svg : Term users see when their contribution is being reviewed by Niantic.

In Queu: Term users see when their contribution is waiting to be reviewed.


P0kest0pz Wot Go players think they are nominating :face_with_peeking_eye:This often leads to Gatekeeping

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200w (2)

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Current listing for Emily

Emily - ML or Machine Learning. Niantic started using Machine Learning (ML) to process nominations. Many in the community personalized this Artificial Intelligence program by calling it Emily, a name that sounds like ML.

Suggested edit:
Emily - A nickname for the ML (or Machine Learning) model Niantic started using to process nominations. Some members of the forum community personalized this Artificial Intelligence program by calling it Emily, a name that sounded like ML to them. Others vehemently dislike this personification, and will use the more accurate term, ML, instead of giving it human attributes.


the more accurate terms, ML or AI (Artificial Intelligence), since ML falls under the broader umbrella of AI


SFPRP - Single Family Private Residential Property. Family and individual private homes and their surrounding property are locations that are not suitable for wayspots and are listed on the rejection criteria. If a single owner of the home could bar anyone from entering the space legally, and could complain to authorities for trespassing if players were to loiter in that location, then it should not be accepted.

Resolution - When a nomination or edit reaches a decision and is either accepted or rejected. This number is used in Wayfarer Challenges as a goal to determine the reward level for the community as a whole.

This time @ElfFromSpace you can add these. @seaprincesshnb is too busy counting baseball fields.

Bouncing Balloon - Occurs during global challenges. Everything is fine.

Captain Doty - Also affectionately known as Captain Dopy. Niantic’s loveable (He’s not), friendly ( He’s not), helpful (He’s not) mascot.