Does this qualify as Graffiti


Does this qualify as Graffiti and if so, what are your thoughts on it being accepted?

That doesn’t look like something I would nominate.


That looks like a tag. I would reject that. Also the supporting photo doesn’t show the object of the nomination. Just an fyi


Look closer at the supporting picture, you can see it to the left, behind the trees/bushes.

Where does it say that Graffiti tags are not eligible? I will agree that it is not made by a skilled graffiti artist, but that is just my personal preference. Could be others find it interesting. Imo if a reviewer finds a nomination ugly, that shouldn’t affect their voting if it fulfils the criteria.

Would you also reject this graffiti tag?

Hi @xFISTx
Yes, I would even reject the last one, if the nominator doesn’t give me more input than “graffiti”.
Mostly it is vandalism (sometimes a really good one) and the artist isn’t allowed.

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Interesting argument, I don’t think every reviewer share that point of view. But it is good to hear various thoughts on this, I can already now conclude that it would be a poor nomination.
That being said, this sign is in the same cell, so what are your thoughts on this?

It roughly translates to: Welcome to the hunting association of Ganløse.

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Here you have the official and recent statement where it says graffiti tags are not eligible: Unique Art


“og omegns jagtforening” means “and surrounding hunting club”, so my tranlation try from dansk to german to english.

But this is for me a generic streetsign. I would reject it with “generic business”, what not is the opion of all/most wayfarer.

Good to know, thank you :slight_smile:

It can be hard to differentiate, but a tag is typically non-permanent and considered vandalism. Also I would look to see if that was a house or SFPRP.
The second photo without more information might be considered non-permanent as well. Would need more information than a close up. Is it on a business or done by a local artist?!
Graffiti doesn’t necessarily equate to ineligible. There are many out there who are considered exceptional graffiti artists. Where I am they have an annual Graffiti Festival to beautify various areas. Some ‘muralists’ and some ‘expert graffiti artists’ come in to do some amazing art pieces.
This is one such supporting photo that was for a recent nomination. It was denied via community and appealed. Although, I understand how they might have seen it as temporary, despite my supporting information and links. It was done with approval from the local community arts council, municipality, and is part of the local Trackside Art Gallery, which is considered one of the largest outdoor art galleries in the country.

Compared to my other nominations along here this is more graffiti-like than the rest.