Don’t understand description of rejected appeal

  • Wayspot Title: Chatrat - Le Puits

  • Location (lat/lon):

  • City: Chatrat - Saint Genès Champanelle

  • Country:France

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):

  • Additional Information (if any):
    I don’t understand the description of this appeal rejection. What is abusive in my portal description submission ? Is this a bot which is operating submissions review ?

Ras can be seen as a tag, I know you probably meant it as rien à signaler, which translates to nothing to be mentioned. But it is not being interpreted as such here.


It would be nice if we could read the appeal statement that was requested to Niantic staff to review this appeal. I don’t see anything wrong at all in that nomination, so maybe the problem is in the appeal process.

I agree that just putting Ras in the supporting info could be seen as trying to influence the game, but I also don’t see this well as meeting criteria. It also doesn’t seem to have pedestrian access, so it may not be a safe place.

How is it a great place to socialize, exercise, and/or explore? What makes it unique to the community? I think those are the true questions to ask, and most likely why the community rejected it in the first place.

The question here is not the meeting criteria, is the rejection reason given for the appeal. I wouldn’t consider RAS as a way to try to influence the reviewer, or at least here in this example.