Appeal rejected for Punctuation? Help!

I nominated a condo complex exercise room and it was originally rejected for being private residential property by the community (not unexpected). I appealed and explained to Niantic that this was not PRP, why it meets criteria, etc. I have successfully gotten similar nominations through on appeal without any issue.

My appeal was rejected for “punctuation.” More specifically, “The Wayspot’s description contains punctuations which does not meet the Wayfarer criteria.” I have never seen this before, and don’t see any issue with my punctuation, nor does the Wayfarer Criteria say what I did wrong.

Is there a way for me to appeal a rejected appeal?

The only way get things through voting in my area is with upgrades, so I don’t want to waste another upgrade just to have the community reject it and then l have to use my appeal again etc. Or at least additional information on what punctuation was so inappropriate that it should be rejected?

Original description: “Gym and Exercise Studio with cardio equipment, free weights, and easy pool access!”

ETA: supporting photo and information.

ETA 2: they accepted my appeal! Thanks for all your help everyone


It most likely is because Exercise Studio is not supposed to be capitalized, but that’s a dumb reason for them rejecting an appeal. Proper grammar isn’t required, and there are so many nominations with poor grammar that I approve all the time. Plus, the description is optional. Only Gym should be capitalized, since it starts the sentence, and nothing else.

I’d want to know what your supporting info and photo showed, as that may have caused the PRP rejection in the first place, since this is an apartment complex. Are you able to provide a screenshot of those? We may be able to help improve on the nomination, if you do decide to resubmit.

I’ve added the screenshot of supporting to the original post. In my area I never get any common room or exercise room from an apartment building approved through voting, but I’ve had 3 approved on appeal. Always rejected as private residence, when it isn’t, since it’s a communal room accessible by all residents and meets criteria for social and/or exercise (depending on the make-up of the room).

I capitalized Exercise Studio because I was capitalizing the whole room as a “Gym and Exercise Studio”… Also, incorrect capital letters wouldn’t count as “punctuation”… Would they?

Quite confusing.

Thoughts about the exclamation point? It’s the millenial in me, I can’t help but add them!

I hope @NianticAaron can have the team take a look at this one, I was pretty surprised when I saw it earlier on Reddit


I hope that one of the team will look at this. Rejecting for an exclamation point is bizarre. I could see rejecting for making an emoji with punctuation like this would be appropriate ; ) but not for a normal way to end a sentence. Not sure who to tag.

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Agree. I don’t think improper capitalization or the use of an explanation point should be a reason to reject an appeal. Also, from satellite view, you can see the building the room is in next to 1 of the apartments, so it’s in the complex area.

I mean, there was a basketball court that I got the description updated on recently as it said “Basketball @” originally nstead of “Basketball court at.”

Maybe it picked up the http:// link in the supporting? Not a reason to reject since it’s the supporting statement. Weird. I would have given thumbs up from what I have seen.

That’s a good point too… In recent months I’ve used the same link for 3 other common/exercise rooms, and 5 community pools :sweat_smile: Who knows at this point! No nomination is safe. Niantic may have changed the rules about url in supporting information and neglected to inform us - it’s definitely a possibility!

IMO “The object in question is an eligible wayspot. However, I see that the image contains birds.” still has you beat, but that’s a gold-medal rejection.


I doubt it’s the weblink, as that’s in the supporting info, not the description. The appeal resolution specifically mentions the description.

LOL! I can’t compete with birds!