Duplicate images: The Santa Teresa Spring - Dottie's Pond

It looks like these requests can no longer go through the help chat. Let me know if there is a better channel.

The annoying issue is both of these duplicates were posted by me, not quite a month part, then all approved the same day. Guess I forgot I submitted them!

  • Wayspot Title: The Santa Teresa Spring - Dottie’s Pond
  • Location (lat/lon): 37.22607,-121.795144
  • City: San Jose, CA
  • Country: US

At least the picture of the turtle on the log in the pond was rejected (a few hours later I learned about the “no animals” criteria).

Anyway, I posted this set of photos on 2024-03-10 then again on 2024-04-06. My apologies for not tracking my submissions better; I think the Wayfarer changes will help on that front!

Anyway, please delete the dupes.

Thanks for the appeal, @nexushoratio Based on the evidence provided, we’ve removed the invalid images of the Wayspot.

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