Edit denials - help!

I have tried to edit the title and description of several waypoints. One is a church that closed and was bought by an art studio. I’m not trying to remove the waypoint – just change the name and description. Both were denied. (see below)

One was a LFL at the same location, which has been removed. So I asked for the waypoint to be removed. Again, denied. Why?

Both of these are legitimate edits. Again today, my title edit for a different spot was denied. There’s a “Little Mermaid” mural at our local library, and that is the title. Now the library has repainted it, so I asked that it just be called the library mural (or something similar) AND uploaded a new photo. Denied before I even got home (less than 10 minutes).

This is getting frustrating, when I’m only trying to improve the accuracy of local waypoints. Any thoughts? Or do I just ignore outdated or misnamed waypoints and be done with it? Please help!

The change from a church to an art studio is a big difference. It is a totally different type of use.
In this case you should request its removal.
You can then submit a fresh nomination for the art studio and if acceptable you will have a new wayspot.

What evidence are you providing?


There wasn’t any place to submit evidence through the Pokemon app. That’s what I used. While I’ve been creating and evaluating nominations for a couple of years, I don’t know how else to submit an edit other than on site via Pokemon Go. Perhaps that’s the problem. I should also add that the church waypoint is also a gym, which is why I didn’t request its removal.

I am surprised they did not remove the church wayspot when investigating your appeal. That happened to me when I was just correcting the name of the artwork.

Perhaps start with just a description change. Not wiping the existing description, but adding information to it.
For example, Old description: Nameof Church on Nameof Road. New Description: Nameof Church on Nameof Road changed to Newname Church in 2017.

Everyone says delete and then submit, but my advice is to submit the existing thing, and once it’s approved (but not showing in game), THEN remove the old thing. Then the new thing will appear immediately. (Or at least in the very next sync.)

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Removal is the only option here. There is information online in regards to how to request a Wayspot removal via PoGo, and there is also an online link to request removal. Here is the information for PoGo:

And a description change will most likely be rejected. I’ve tried it before, and ML rejected pretty quickly. Best to request removal of the church Wayspot, then renominate the art studio, since they are 2 completely different things, and Niantic doesn’t like just modifying Wayspots if there has been a complete change in what the Wayspot is.

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I’m trying that. Still, the only removal option is “permanently removed.” The building is still there, which could cause it to be denied. But we’ll see. Thanks for the help!

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The mural doesn’t exist anymore, so it has been permanently removed, which is the best option. Also, I would make sure to take a photo of the area currently just in case the removal request is rejected, and you later have to appeal it here in the forums.

I’ve found it to be a convoluted process that often ends up with the title changing and the old picture remaining, the description changing with the old title remaining etc

Maybe they will move it 5m or remove it completely even though you haven’t asked for either.
If Niantic regarded map integrity with the same high esteem that some Wayfarers love to remind everyone of the Wayfarer system would function a lot better.

Is it worth your time and effort to potentially have a gym removed for local players and have nothing replace it?

I generally find that if you write something that is better and more informative than what was before it will tend to be accepted.
If you try to remove something that isn’t there it will depend on what can be seen in street view and sattelite images. If it looks like it’s there it won’t be removed.
If you are going to remove something it could be an idea to get something approved at the same location first. That way you won’t lose a stop or gym. :thinking:

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