Edit or remove (changing Graffiti)?

What is your advice in this case?

Name of the wayspot: Graffiti Monster
Picture at nomination time:

Current picture:

Would you edit the title to something more open, or has this need to be removed and submitted as a new wayspot, cause graffiti monster is gone forever

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If I’m not wrong in the past Niantic said that for murals/graffitis you need to upload a new photo of the actual mural/graffiti. When is accepted then you can request a title and description edits to update all the wayspot. Is a very tedious process in my opinion as sometimes the community won’t accept the new photo or it will be impossible for you to change the photo to the new one, making the community to reject your title/description edits. I don’t know if it’s possible to do this: Explain the situation to Help Chat showing the evidence that the graffiti/mural changed and you want them to add the new photo as the community is not doing it. Then it could be easier to update the title and description.

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Thanks for your fast reply @MegaTrainerRed.
The new picture is already be added (Emilys super fast lane). But I was so unsure if it’s right (new photo, new title, description don’t exist = new wayspot)?

And I remembered, that in the old forum I have a discussion about graffities on electric boxes, and a user said that if it really changes anytime the process is quite easy to correct (in my opion it means “exist and stays for ever, who cares”).

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If the new picture was added then you will need to make it the main photo of the wayspot, that will help tyhe reviewers when you submit a new title and description.

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You could take it to help chat to have the now incorrect photo (or the incorrect wayspot) removed. They might ask for proof such as a geotagged photo.

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I’m not sure to understand it right, sorry.

@MegaTrainerRed your advice is:
Make the newer pic to mean and after this editing process for title and description

@Xenopus your advice is:
Remove the old wayspot via helpchat. Be prepaired for requested evidences


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Yes, from my understand it’s okay to do both of them. The advice made by @Xenopus would be more correct and easier to get imo.

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Something totally unrelated. That some good graffiti :fire::scream:

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Sorry, I actually meant asking them to remove the not-up-to-date photo (with evidence, editing for clarity) since now you appear to have had it approved. But for the future, this also completely applies to the wayspot (it will objectively be less work for everyone to review a new wayspot nomination that immediately has the correct title, description and photos than putting three separate edits in, all of which might fail at various stages).

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Ok, I think I get it - thanks.

  1. Both ways are ok
  2. When I first see something like that, the easiest way would be to let it remove (for permanently closed?) and submit it new
  3. When I uploaded a new photo and it get added, I have to do the whole thing of editing process


The one caveat that you should be aware of is that if the POI is a gym in PGO, removing it completely will most likely cause the replacement POI to no longer be a gym. Also, if it’s a mushroom or flower in Pikmin, removing and replacing it will cause those things to disappear from Pikmin Bloom until that game decides to update their map again, which could be years.

I normally tell people not to worry about that when something is actually gone. If its gone, it should be removed. But if it just needs to be updated, doing it the hard way may preserve the gameboard better.

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Upvote the Patrick photo, until the cover photo of wayspot changes. (Note that the photo with the most likes will become the cover, if this wayspot is not quantum entangled with ingress, lol) After that, change the title and description.

More importantly… What are you going to name it if there is no official name?

I found a name :partying_face:
If it get accepted one time I’ll send you a gift :grin: