What is the best way to proceed when big mural painting is replaced with new mural painting?

Real life example:

  1. Big mural painting is replaced with new mural painting.
  • Location is exactly the same
  1. Reported invalid portal with Ingress App (19.5.2024)
  • There is a selection: Report Invalid Portal → Permanently removed from this location
    • But in Ingress App you cannot add any supporting photo,
      there is not even a simple text field where you cound explain and
      provide additional information.
  1. Report decided email received from Niantic and it was “Rejected” (28.5.2024)

  2. Made Edit Title, Edit Description and Add Photo with Ingress App (11.6.2024)

    • Again none of these have any fields where user can provide additional info.
  3. Within 2.5 hours Title and Description Edits were decided and “not accepted” (11.6.2024)

  4. Add Photo / Photo Submission is “in Queue” and my estimate is
    it will take 0.5-1.5 years until it is decided. Until you use Upgrade.

You can always contact Niantic support or write appeal to Forums.
But not sure how many players will in practice do it and
Ingress app already has a way to perform reports and edits that just do not seem to function very well.

It feels a bit awkward and laborious doing invalid portal report, then edits,
and finally you most probably end up doing appeal in Forums.

POI / Portal in question:

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I’ve found for this there are many baffling outcomes.

  1. Ask for removal and nothing happens.

  2. Wayspot is removed and new mural is rejected. No worries, locals. You are welcome…

Attempting to change the title, picture, description can lead to more confusion with mismatched titles, descriptions and a picture being accepted but not changing due to the original image being ‘locked in’ because of its age.


Hi @hopeakotka
I’ve had nearly the same question:

I’m now on my way to change the whole thing step by step.
Add new photo :heavy_check_mark:
Let old photos remove* :heavy_check_mark:
Submit title edit :heavy_check_mark: (it’s in voting since the challenge “race around the world”).
Idk if I do it ever again. It’s a good will to have the map accurate where I can help, but this process :sleeping:

*now you can only remove old photos as an abuse report

The other process way (to let it remove) ends, caused by unablebility to submit ingame evidence, most of all cases in a rejection and have than to be appealed here, public in the forum.

Good luck and long breath :four_leaf_clover:


It’s extremely convoluted and messy.

I think the ‘official’ advice is to remove the Wayspot then add the new one?

Meanwhile back in the real world…

’ Hey locals, I’m going to remove all these murals and your play area…’

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Found an official statement from Niantic


I’m in the process of updating a mural myself. I submitted a new title, description, and photo. The machine learning accepted the description edit immediately, so hopefully having that taken care of will help with updating the title and photo description. Fingers crossed for everyone trying to update murals! :crossed_fingers:


Amazing murals :heart_eyes:


First image is the original picture titled 1980’s movie mural.

I put in a photo, title, description edit after it changes to Mario. The title and description are rejected but the photo is accepted

It changed again to the second image above, I put in a photo and title description(Art Addiction) both accepted.

In Go it now shows the 1980’s image due to the image being locked by votes with the Art Addiction title showing from the above edit.

I hope that make sense to you as it doesn’t to me :woozy_face:


ML / AI usually kicks out name changes that are radically different.

I have submitted the new thing, got it accepted, THEN tried to remove the old thing.
But of course the removal is declined.

I’m convinced that if you do a dozen or more scans of the new thing, wait half a day or more, THEN submit a picture of the new thing - AI is more likely to accept the picture.

Changing the description can work - maybe include the new title in the description. After that’s approved, AI is too confused to reject the title change. So then the title change makes it thru to Explorers.

I had a similar issue with wayspots and when Niantic decided that updating a memorial bench to the new plaque was considered abuse I needed to remove it. FYI I attempted to remove a similar wayspot with evidence and appeal (memorial table) and it was denied. It took so long but eventually it went after another attempt to appeal on the forum. The current one was just a regular plaque dedication.

However, for the memorial bench I actually nominated the current one since the individuals had quite the backstory. I went to remove it via the tab at the top “Wayspot Removals”. I gave them all my info, with updated photos and what did they do? Well they updated it. They removed all the older photos. So it is there still as a wayspot.