Edit Rejection

I got a rejection for an edit I did in 2022-10-31 (almost 2 years ago).
The Pokestop il called “O Fortuna” and it has no description.
Therefore I added “Velut luna” as a reference of Carmina Burana (story/art/litterature/opera music, never heard?)…

I mean, I know that most of the people is ignorant but receiving an ABUSE for adding somenting interesting than an empty description… is at least ridiculous.

May I have a explanation?


Assuming the POI is indeed related to Carmina Burana, I personally would have found it to be an amusing edit especially since nothing else existed. Yes, it probably could have had some additional details about the actual Wayspot, but I don’t personally find it abusive to reference the next line to one of the most famous poems of all time. It might be worth it to try again with something like:

Velut luna! This Wayspot depicts [insert details here]. This references Carmina Burana, a 13th century poem written in Latin and still studied and performed across the world today.


It’s hard to judge why the description edit was rejected without seeing what the Wayspot looks like.

Besides, I don’t think Niantic wants vague descriptions. I just submitted a new description for a local candy store that only has “Candy store” as its description. I submitted a more in-depth description, encouraging people to check out not only their candy, but their handmade fudge and other treats, and to check out their gift selection.

I’m taking note, in order of importance: complete description > empty description > something-related description > nothing-related description.


Btw, the reason I’m writing this is just for having a valid explanation about the Abuse…
I do not want to be banned because of ignorant people that prefer nothing than a vague information judjing this abusive.

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I really think we need an explanation from Niantic here.

I can’t get this “abuse” at all

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You and Aliccolo are right… it’s obvious that everyone prefer a complete description… as I said it was 2 years ago. Things have changed…

Nowadays I’m submitting more in-depth descriptions… but this kind of rejection make me thinking “why should I lose my time?”


I am not sure why they put “abuse” but I would brush it off unless you are getting this more often or heard from them directly. As you said it was 2 years ago.
I was reviewing my rejected nominations on this one that Niantic doesn’t appear to like, as a trail marker, and I noticed the first was rejected for “abuse” which actually was done via ML. So not sure why that would be. But I haven’t heard anything and I know it isn’t. So unless I hear otherwise I am not worrying about it.


We really don’t, as it most likely was a generic rejection by Niantic, or there was a reviewer that did choose Abuse, even though it’s wasn’t abusive in anyway.

The only time to be concerned about abuse is if Niantic emails you that they may be taking action against your account for abuse, and those decisions can be appealed.

I have seen other users get Abuse as a rejection reason from the community, and there is no abuse in their nominations/edits whatsoever, and they have not been contacted by Niantic. We have agreed that one of the abuse reasons in Accuracy was chosen, when it shouldn’t have been, for something like bad grammar in a title or a clear photo of the nomination taken at night, which do not qualify as abuse.

Again, if Niantic believes there is abuse happening from a user, they will take action, and an email will be received. If no email is received in regards to abuse, then I wouldn’t be too worried about it, as it most likely was a reviewer doing a bad job.


The nomination is about 2 years ago, the rejection is about 2 days ago.

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We don’t know if getting Abuse as a reason gets added to out history so asking in order to understand what’s going on is not a strange thing.

We need Niantic to reply to this because people often rejects stuff for wrong reasons.

Like I said, I think someone voted on it before Niantic made their decision, and they may have chosen Abuse in Accuracy, which should never have been chosen in the first place. While brief, the description edit doesn’t meet any of the criteria for abuse. It could be that someone reviewing thought that was the correct way to reject a description, when it isn’t.

Also to note is the wording in the email you received about this rejection. If it said “our team” came to the decision, then that means Niantic or the AI rejected it. If it says “our community,” then it was decided by the reviewers. And yes, it can take years for some edits to be decided on by the community if there isn’t a large number of people reviewing; once edits went live in Contribution Management, many were seeing some that were 2, 3, even 4 years old. Now, with the current AI, there are many edits being decided by it within hours compared to years, so that helps.

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The description is not an Abuse at all but unless this comes from Niantic we can’t be sure.
Something like this can lead in a ban in the long term

The OP is not making a big deal out of the rejection reason, and since us in the community believe we know what happened, Niantic hasn’t responded. That’s what a community forum is for, to help each other out. Aaron most likely took a look at this post, saw we figured things for the OP, and moved on to more important things. An ambassador hasn’t even responded, and they help the Niantic team monitor the forums these days

You’re making a big deal about nothing right now. We’ve explained why the rejection reason was most likely received, explained that what was rejected wasn’t abusive by any means, and why a reviewer may have thought the best way to reject was to choose Accuracy>Abuse instead of Accuracy>Bad Description.

Keep in mind that we all agree to Niantic’s terms of service, and we agree that they are not required to tell us everything about how they run their business. There are users abusing much worse than submitting a vague description and a reviewer rejecting it incorrectly, some of which is outlined in the terms.

I ser you already started a thread about your issue, so please don’t jump onto other threads. I hope you appealed the decision via the link provided, and someone from Niantic will respond to you once they’ve been able to review all the information they have.

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Niantic wants threads to be kept on topic, as well as respectful. Please choose your words carefully in the future, and do not make others feel bad for simply assisting.

I feel that you have been somewhat disrespectful simply because of what happened to you, and you do not want any assistance from the community, and you may not get any assistance from Niantic based on the community’s past knowledge and experience. You may get a reply back from Niantic that they stand by their decision for your issue, here in the forums and that’s it. Many of us have seen this before whenever someone posts about getting a warning/ban.

Us regulars are regulars as we comment often, and help out as much as possible. I’m trying to help the OP understand the rejection reason, and why many of us regulars do not feel as they should be worried about it. You decided to jump onto this issue before posting about what happened with you, which is completely different.

The OP has not said they have gotten a warning or ban, us regulars have told them not to worry about it and move on after looking deeper into it.


Can I remind everyone to remain respectful to each other.

This a community forum where the emphasis is on peer support. It is great that experienced members of the community can help others. Wayfarer Team members only contribute occasionally to discussions.

Abuse as a rejection reason does not lead to a ban. I have had it as a reason. Seasoned wayfinders know that unfortunately, most of the rejection reasons turn out to be nonsensical.


I totally agree with Misato’s post (the removed one with nonsense)…
The reason of this thread is about my personal fear that could happen a stituation like what happened to Misato in their thread.

We need clear informations to avoid some not-so-smart-people or Emily reject nominations. I do not want risk my account due other people.

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