Received a warn I can't understand

On April 8th I nominated something that became controversial for reasons I don’t get so I’m here seeking for understanding how it happened and why.

Approved with an upgrade on the first try on April 12th, it was a comics shop (Fumetteria in Italian language) I recall being in the city from at least 30 years.

As you can read I was accused to try to influence reviewers

Let’s see my nomination then

The name of the nomination says:
Salerno (city of the nomination)
Fumetteria (name of the comics shop. I know is really simple but you can confirm it’s correct looking at the photo of the nomination)
di via Paglia (located in Paglia Street. As you can read in the address location in the second photo with the supporting one)

Negozio di fumetti anche di antiquariato
Comics shop that sells also antiques

This is the only comics shop in town to my knowdledge that is also a flea market for comics and the owner put that info on the window also so everyone can learn about it without entering in the shop.

Notes for the reviewers:
Comics shop opened more than 30 years ago, it’s the only one here to have an antiques section for antiques lovers

Recap of the situation

Up to down
Warn email
Accepting email
Nomination email

Now as I said I can’t understand what I wrote that can lead to an abuse report and an official email from Niantic about that.

Can I have an explanation

Cc @kawin240 @xLilPoundcake because I know you are interested in this


Am I right that you actually got a ban in game for this too?

The nomination looks fine to me and I have no idea how what you wrote could be influencing reviewers.

I really hope its sorted out for you!! I would be so upset


In insight, this looks to be the first warning that, with another one that followed later down the line, triggered the 30 days ban. No other warning emails have never been received. So there are 2 options:

  1. this comics shop is the first real warning.
  2. the first real warning is something else which didn’t get an email notification.

Super confusing especially as I dont see what about the comic shop needed a warning in the first place

I’d be heartbroken to get banned from a game because of trying to improve it


My best guess is that somebody at Niantic had trouble with the translation, or it was flagged in error by Machine Learning, unless they believed there was some element that you were spamming across many of your submissions?

Influencing reviewers is something that they simultaneously instruct us to do (using the supplemental photo and text to persuade) and not to do (using semaphore so the community knows the nomination is yours).

This entire submission appears to be fine, unless there is some pattern to be found using a broader context.


Its a lot to get a 30 day ban from the game for this isnt it


Yes, I got another email on Monday about another thing I did wrong and they decided I’m not allowed to even play.

I’d like to understand why…


There is nothing wrong… It all seems ok. I don’t understand how could they send a warn for this… I’m speakless


So would I
It’s really scary, and awful for you but scary for others too in case it happens to us as well


I am. I truly am.

This one was the first cosmic shop I nominated. I have another couple in my queue in other places of the city.

I really don’t know what I did to influence people here.
I wanted it in game of course.
But the only thing I did to accelerate the resolution of the nomination was using an upgrade.


Honestly everyone in this forum can received a warn at this point…

If a correct submission like this is so dangerous we all can stop to submit now…

Niantic needs to speak with their workers… Thi Is not fair


I don’t know.
As you can see it seems Emily has not to do with the acceptance of the wayspot
Plus comics stores are great places to socialise (I’m a comics reader, I know that too well!) so there’s no surprise to have them in the examples in the guidelines.

I’m really without a clue of what happened here.


I really hope someone comes along to help soon


You got a warn for this nomination?
I’m astonished.


What did your supplemental information say?

I guessing that the warning email says “title or description” but that’s a documentation error and it also includes supplemental.

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I personally don’t think the city and street name are needed in the title, as those are best for the descriptions. If this is something you do on a regular basis, it may be the pattern they picked up on. If the name of the shop is just Fumetteria, that and that alone should be the title. The street and city can be included in the description, if you feel it’s needed.

Besides, the address is provided when choosing the location for the nomination, so including it in the title is not needed whatsoever. Niantic could see this as trying to make all the Wayspots in the area similar with titles like this, and could see it as abuse if it continues.


Why would naming the street be abuse? Its just factual? I don’t see how putting the street name in a title could be worthy of a month’s ban from the game


I just checked out the Wayspots in Salerno in Lightship, and many have Salerno right at the beginning of the title, or at the end. Here are a few I found:

It can be seen as being indistinct and generic, 2 things Niantic doesn’t want. I certainly don’t need to know the city’s name for any Wayspot, unless the city name is a part of the title. I know the Eifel Tower is in Paris, so it doesn’t need to be named “Paris Eifel Tower,” for example.

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Needed, wanted, acceptable, or unexceptionable? The store is basically called ‘Comics’ in Italian, which is straight and to-the-point, but might not quite ensure effective communication. This is the only buy-and-sell old collectibles place, but not the only comics store in the area.

I learned that Ingress players have to created chains of portals by picking from an alphabetic list. They are motivated to avoid ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’ and to cultivate an outside->in naming convention so they can choose the correct portal.

For Ingress, multiple stores starting with ‘Comics’ would be confusing.

I have never before seen someone get in trouble for using a naming system for titles. If they only know one restaurant called ‘Mulligatawny’ they’re good to go, but if all of the soccer fields are called ‘football pitch’ there’s going to be trouble.

Until Niantic figures out how to automate this stuff I don’t think they can reasonably ding us for trying to obtain unique titles during submission.


I do that when submitting a postbox to differentiate them from the 10,000 other postbox Wayspots.