Exclusive New Pokémon GO Feature Comes to Explorers - Routes Creation

Hello Explorers,

We have some exciting news that is nothing like what you have seen before in the Wayfarer Community. As we continue to find ways to highlight our community across Niantic, sharing how amazing your contributions are, we wanted to include a select number of you in a very exclusive feature launching in Pokémon GO that’ll take Wayspots to a new level.

As soon as today, we’re inviting a select group of Explorers, like yourself, that play Pokémon GO to be the first to try this feature before it launches globally. While we can’t reveal the full details just yet, we can promise you this new, immersive experience allows you to build your own adventure and share it with the world!

This new feature—called Routes—allows you to create and publish pre-set paths for other Trainers to follow. Show off your favorite local vista, take Trainers to the best spots to catch Pokémon, or lead others on a restaurant tour of your town. The possibilities are endless!

Select Explorers that play Pokémon GO have been granted exclusive early access to Routes, so they’ll be able to access this feature starting today! To begin, open Pokémon GO and navigate to your Trainer Profile. Locate the new Created Routes section, then tap the Create New Route button. You will then be able to view the tutorial and get started!

You can view the tutorial again by tapping the question mark icon at the top-left corner of the screen while creating a Route. Your contributions will have a direct impact on the worldwide launch of this feature, and your input can help us refine certain details. By creating Routes, you ensure your Pokémon GO community has a robust experience at launch.

Selected Explorers who participate during the early-access period may be selected to have their experience amplified on our official social media channels once Routes has launched globally. Not only will your contributions directly help your local Pokémon GO community, but we also hope that by highlighting your contributions, we can inspire our community the world over!

This new feature will be rolling out to more and more Explorers leading up to global launch. This will include Explorers who have been a member since March 1, 2023, so keep your eyes on that inbox! Thank you for being a part of Routes early access and helping make Pokémon GO the best it can be!

(originally posted June 2023)


Hello Explorers,

What a great launch to Routes early access. By now, Explorers with early access that have created a Route will have seen several tags on their submissions such as Submitted or Published. We are seeing the world light up with Routes. All of the Routes created so far have been extremely helpful in making improvements to the Routes experience in Pokémon GO. One of those learnings has been that Routes that are 500m or longer are best for gameplay balancing. The Routes Team will be making 500m the shortest distance requirement for all Routes, meaning that those currently under 500m will display a “Rejected or Not Accepted” tag as they continue to review Route submissions. That change will take place throughout the next couple of days and thankfully will only impact a small fraction of created Routes.

Safe Exploring!

(originally posted June 2023)

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