Explain how cell work

Hey everyone.

Could some tell me how cells work.

Because I nominate a PokeStop and was approved. Then the nearby PokeStop turns into a gym.

s2 cells divide a sphere into pieces, starting with 6 pieces at level 0 and splitting each piece into 4 every time the level increases. The levels that matter most for pogo are 14 (used to determine gyms) and 17 (inclusion criteria for pokethings).

Soo it each section is divided into a plane. When there point [PokeStop] in that plane the chances of having a gym is higher. If I understand you correctly

More diamonds than planes, and the thresholds for how many pokethings result in how many gyms are quite static and not left to chance.

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Cells work like this. Only one POI (point of interest) per S17 cell in Pokémon Go. In Ingress it is different but since you asked about Pokémon Go I will explain for Pokémon Go. In Pokémon Go you can only see one pokestop or gym per cell. One POI in what is called an S14 cell creates a single pokestop. If there are two POI in a S14 cell one will be a Pokestop and one will be a gym. When there’s six POI in an S14 cell there will be two gyms. When there’s twenty POI in an S14 cell there will be 3 gyms. I’ve seen it vary for four gyms so it really just depends but I always remembered it being 35 POI normally.

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In general there are not 4 gyms in a level 14 s2 cell. There can be 4 gyms if a sponsored gym is the 4th gym added, but in basically all other scenarios, 3 is the max.

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The best explanation is from pokemongohub

Niantic will not talk about the cells.
Wayfarer is game agnostic since it is about a database of points of interest. It is up to the various games that use the data as to what they select to use and why they have the inclusion rules that they have.
So the cells are not a wayfarer issue as such.
It is clearly useful to know so that as a wayfinder you don’t end up frustrated at your efforts not having the result you had hoped for.


Standard warning that misplacing the pin for a POI just to put it in an open cell is considered abuse.

I do not subscribe to the belief system that there is only one single “right” spot for the pin on a large POI. The pin must be somewhere accessible ON the object being nominated. But if the object is very large (like an athletic field), there are probably many spots that make logical sense, are accessible, and allow for the POI to appear in your game of choice, while also not negatively impacting other games.

The pin should not be placed where gamers gathering to use it will disturb the natural use of the POI. The best example of this is an athletic field - do not place the POI in the middle of the field. Place it somewhere along the edge of the field.


Thank you everyone for you input. I have learned from each of you something on how this work. Will do some further reading as well :fire:

Hallo zusammen, ich selbst habe eine Passende Map mit der Zelleneinteilung gefunden, die ich selbst nutze.
Bei fragen helfe ich persönlich gerne Weiter
Anbei der Link

A lot of folks use this, but it is user generated so can be inaccurate. On the Wayfarer Discussion Discord, we have seen many people who thought they were submitting in an empty L17 cell from this, but it actually was not.

(Standard disclaimer to anyone reading: do not submit something where it does not exist just to get it in an empty cell.)