False edits/removals offenders

I think it’s great that Wayfarer revamped and now we get dedicated support regarding valid pokestops and is instrumental to combat against wayfarer abuse (setting up pokestops in their own land , etc )

However , with this - I’ve seen increased spikes of false edits in the local region . For location edits - there is no way to report abuse in the prompt (unlike nominating pokestops) . How do I report these false edits? thanks for answering dtrain! -the report button is on bottom of the page unlike wayspot nominations which is on top

I’m sure there has been increased waypoint removals requests submitted too (that only Niantic has access) and I’m sure some malicious ones . Although a trainer does not remove stops themselves , Niantic winds up doing their due diligence to review them according to protocol . The review is still human( I assume Emily is not involved with waypoint removals) and both humans/AI can make mistakes. If a malicious trainer is persistent enough, perhaps an incorrect removal could happen? Therefore, shouldn’t a trainer(s) consistently submitting invalid wayspot removals within a vicinity be also considered abuse?

For those aware of the Community Ambassador program(Campfire) -I am now seeing some competition among communities to attract more trainers to their own home location. The Community Ambassador program like the Wayfarer program has also revamped to allow more CAs. However, the intention is to allow more trainers options to join an event - but there are those groups that want everyone (I’ve observed some campfire groups) . I’ve seen even posts like “time to report some invalid pokestops in another community” (which I report) .

Therefore, my main point is - invalid removal requests clog the system and these trainer(s) should be considered abusers too :+1:t2:

Please note that for title/description/location edits, there is a Report button for reviewers to report abuse in Wayfarer. I have done this on a few occasions, but it’s very rare that there are abusive edits being submitted.

If there’s an issue with the title/edit/location for a Wayspot (we don’t create stops/gyms, but rather Wayspots for the Lightship map that is used for all Niantic games), you do have the option of submitting edits, and more information can be found here:

There is also a forum to report abuse in Wayfarer, and it’s an anonymous report that Niantic reviews. The forum can be found here:

Being this forum is just for Wayfarer and none of the other Niantic products/games, we can’t help with Campfire and their Community Ambassadors program. You may want to contact Campfire directly in regards to your concerns.

Lastly, Niantic staff review all Wayspot removal requests, not the community. Usually, it takes about a week to hear back in regards to a removal request, and if we don’t agree with the decision, we can request remove here in the forums with additional information. I haven’t seen many issues with Wayspot removal requests, and if Niantic does notice there may be an issue with those submitting abusive removal requests, they will take action.

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When reviewing, Wayfarer doesn’t show you what is existing, and which is the suggested change. You could be reporting someone who is trying to FIX a problem, not cause it.

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Just noticed … it’s on the bottom of the page instead of wayspot nominations (on top) - thanks !

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