Ramifications of falsely submitting for removal

What are the ramifications for explorers falsely submitting valid and present waypoints for removal in order to advance their gameplay advantage? What is Niantic’s level of seriousness with handling this kind of abuse? What evidence is presented and how for Niantic to remove these waypoints? Are waypoint scans used to determine this? I’ve submitted a legit waypoint for removal and have not gotten action done on it- it was a soccer field goal, which is now just a field of grass and has been that way for at least one year.

Before assumptions are made, yes this likely has happened and yes a report has been submitted.

I attempted to get a school removed.

After the third attempt I stopped being concerned with what is or isn’t on the map :slight_smile:
That doesn’t mean it’s not interesting or often extremely amusing but let Niantic worry about it.

It was this but I think someone else had it removed.

Yeah, that’s a school

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I can’t answer what ramifications there are for false submissions, but when an initial removal request is rejected, appeals can be made here on the forum. Best practice is to include photographic and/or video evidence of why the Wayspot should be removed (geotagged photos are encouraged), links to websites that could back up the removal request, which could include news reports, government or school district websites, maps, and other relevant information. Photos from Street View can help if it’s available in the area, to show how the area has changed. In my experience, removal requests often require an appeal with additional information to substantiate the request, and sometimes Niantic’s decisions on whether or not to remove a stop can see a bit nonsensical (there’s a recent post about a moveable basketball hoop you can find quite easily if you’d like to see what I mean by that.) I’ve made a few requests to remove some Wayspots which warranted removal and only once have I had a removal request accepted without needing to appeal it here in the forums.


Some have noticed that it’s taking a little longer for Wayspot removal request done via the games to be decided upon. From personal experience, I requested a Wayspot to be removed in game, as it was on private property and the statue was no longer there. I never received an email back, but the Wayspot was removed within a few days of my request. Both satellite and Street View show where the Wayspot was is a private home, and that’s what I reported it as (still took a photo just in case the request was rejected).

I submitted one a week ago, and have yet to hear back; the business is permanently closed and the signage removed from the building. I haven’t been to that part of the city since, so I don’t know if it’s still there or not. It can be found on Google Maps listed as permanently closed, even though Street View still shows it as open and the signage up.

It’s hard to know what evidence Niantic uses to determine if a removal request is valid or not, but most of the time, they reject the ones I’ve submitted. Therefore, I always make sure to take photos to confirm the Wayspot is no longer valid so I can then appeal the rejection here in the forums. Usually, for the ones that I have had rejected and then appealed here still show up on Street View, or there is no Street View. No Street View was the case for a mosaic art wall at a local zoo that Niantic initially rejected, but once I appealed that here with a photo of where the wall used to be, it was removed.

I do think NIantic is pretty thorough with removal requests, especially since it’s harder to get Wayspots removed than approved. So if there are players trying to abuse the system to gain an advantage in-game, I think Niantic will be able to detect this and reject the requests, and, if needed, take action. Niantic has terms of services for abuse reasons such as this, and we all agree to them (which some forget about). More information about the Wayfarer abuse policy and terms of service can be found at the following links:

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I cannot speak for the ramifications about false removals, but I have lots of experience with removing invalid portals. I find the easiest ones to remove with just a report are the obvious ones that would not be considered “appropriate”. These would be private property, schools/childcare, and unsafe pedestrian access.
If streetview is newer and the wayspot is gone, then those reports typically are accepted. I suspect they might look at the wayspot creation date, but that is just an assumption, and then compare to streeview.

My current oldest “wayspot removal report” that is outstanding is from April 7, 2024 and it is “private property”. I haven’t done anything with it; since I am waiting for the report to be looked at. I suspect that one and a couple others from that month have fallen through, but it could also be they are quite behind. While I submitted some within the last week that were already addressed. :woman_shrugging:
If you received a rejected report for yours then you can appeal it. I always take photos when I am out for my evidence and often look certain ones up just in case they will be replaced. Today I found a “welcome sign” gone and the garden has clearly grown up around where it used to be. I dug into that one online first before I made the report and I will wait for the review. Streetview is very outdated and it wouldn’t be something you would think is removed, so I will be expecting to appeal it.
You can also use the wayspot removal tab at the top. I personally have mixed reviews with that.


The ambos have said there was a bug around the beginning of April with removal requests.

I just got a decision today on the closed business I reported, and they accepted my request and are removing the Wayspot. Now just waiting on the one I submitted on Monday.

Was this report you got back from April? I assume all mine are part of that issue. I saw another post and just realized this. Unfortunately, they are quite out of the way of each other for these 5 from April. I will have to remember when I am in their respective areas again.

No, this was the closed business I reported last week. I didn’t report any Wayspots for removal in April.

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