Fantastic Improvements

I scaled back my Wayfaring over a year ago, but the last couple weeks I’ve found myself out and about and a little motivated so I’ve been submitting updates and nominations again, and whatever Wayfarer has done in the time elapsed, fantastic job. My text and image updates are getting approved within hours, my Wayspot nominations within days, my reports and appeals are getting feedback usually within a day.
As traditionally is the case, the process is not foolproof and I’m getting some false rejections (crosses in the brickwork of a church rejected on appeal as “a generic art”, whatever that means), but the turnaround time really shows some stellar process improvement, and I applaud that.


Thanks for sharing your experience with us @Xobai! I will share your feedback with the team, but it’s good to hear you’ve noticed the faster turnaround time. :smiley:

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