Very fast photo approvals

I’ve played Ingress & pogo (but mostly Ingress) for many years. Most waypoint photos I’ve come across are…not great. I enjoy submitting newer and nicer photos.

I got into doing this again recently. I’m noticing almost all of my photo submissions are getting approved seconds after I get submission acknowledgment emails. It’s nice! I’m wondering if these photos are getting reviewed at all…?

A small subset of photos seems to hit a queue and get stuck for days or weeks. Maybe 1 in 10. I review too, and sometimes I see photos to review.

I’m curious about how photo reviews are working in 2024. Have there been updates to the process?

If it’s resolved in seconds, that was Machine Learning, aka AI.

If AI can’t decide, it goes to the community. Also, it randomly throws to the community roughly 1 in 10, without looking at it first.

If your submission has a lot lf nature (ground, trees, sky), AI is more likely to auto reject it.
If your photo is a similar angle to an existing photo, I think you have slightly better odds of auto acceptance (vs going to the community).
When your photo is a completely different way of seeing the same thing, AI might process it, but it’s more likely to go to the community.

Theoretically, Niantic takes a random sampling of AI decisions for verification. At least, that’s what Machine Learning training instructs developers to do.

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Thanks! That adds up with what I’m seeing.

Shoutout Emily :robot:

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