Machine Learning Update and More Appeals!

We’re excited to announce a recent update to Wayfarer’s ML model! :tada:

Our Machine Learning models, affectionately known as “Emily” by some of you, have been enhanced to better evaluate submissions, including wayspot submissions, images submissions and text edits. This means faster processing times and potentially more streamlined reviews for Wayfarers.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • Auto-Accepts: The improved ML models should be better at identifying high-quality Wayspots and Edits that meet our acceptance criteria. This means more eligible submissions can potentially be auto-accepted, freeing up your valuable time to focus on the trickier reviews.
  • Continued Reviewer Role: Wayfarer reviewers remain an essential part of the Wayspot review process. Even with the updated auto-accept system, your reviews are still crucial for ensuring Wayspot quality and adherence to our guidelines. The ML models are trained on and learn from the data provided by the Wayfarer community, including reviews, appeals, and takedowns.

Additionally we have increased the frequency at which you can perform wayspots appeals. You can now appeal rejected wayspots every 20 days. This is down from the previous window of 25 days from last month’s update, and a significant improvement from the original 30-day wait.

We’re confident these updates will make Wayfaring a smoother and more efficient experience for everyone. Stay tuned for further announcements as we continue to develop and improve Wayfarer!
(originally posted April 2023)


Hello Explorers,

In addition to the update above, we have also started refunding Upgrades that were used on nominations:

  • rejected by machine learning that were later overturned through an appeal.
  • initially processed by machine learning and passed to our human team for final decision.

At the moment, this will be a manual process so please be patient with us as we start implementing this change for nominations made since June 2023 and after.

Happy and Safe Exploring!