Footpath signs clarification on eligibility

A while ago there were posts indicating that footpath signs like the attached one would be eligible POI, depending on where they were.

In the middle of a city or town they would almost certainly be an instant reject.

If they were not in a built-up area, and encouraged exercise by directing people to a named trail/walk, then they were seen as “okay”. Not “great”, but good enough. The idea being that encouraging people to actually walk to the start of a named trail is better than driving there. Especially when the little footpaths which lead there may not be well-known.

Is this no longer the case?

Niantic has reversed their “all trail markers are awesome” stance. There was a post that I think was from @NianticAaron on the old forum that I can’t link but I had saved the text to my local Discord group:

Trail markers that list the name and other information about the trail are good candidates (the ones with just numbers or arrows are not considered good). The information provided by the submitter also plays a role. We would also love to see what is interesting about this trail. Was it the first trail in the area, does it highlight specific wildlife local to this region? All of this would help make it much easier to rate higher. The second point is how many of these trail markers are there? Are they distinguishable and far enough apart that it doesn’t make the others any less unique? The next thing we consider is if they are permanent. Stickers and printouts are not considered permanent and may be rejected. Hope this clarifies the confusion.

I posted that there on March 12, 2024 to give you a time frame reference.


Personally for me it’s not about the marker or where it is but the individual submission.

This scored higher

Than this

There has also been a good deal of abuse with those submitting trail markers where they aren’t in some countries, with others finding these in places not at all close to the submitted area. Not only is this a pain for reviewers, but also for Niantic, as they then may have to remove any fake submissions that have been approved.

I mean, the fact that the new forums have a topic-trail-marker tag for new threads shows how discussed a topic it is, and will continue to be.

I always want more stops on walking paths! Especially if you’re not trespassing or playing in traffic

I would ignore what Aaron said imo. He was quickly flamed upon and put in his place. Trail Markers / NCN Markers / National Hiking Routes (Such as Monarch’s Way or Heart of England Way if you are in the UK) Markers like these are the bread and butter of what it means to play Niantic Games. Each marker is usually placed after hours of route planning etc by whomever does all these massive trails in the UK or even by local footpath groups. I feel this is primarily more promidant in the UK from my point of view. Lets go throught what hes stated: “Was it the first trail in the area” - why would that matter? Most of these pathways have been laid down for decades here in the UK, new or old it does not diminish its value.

Does it Highlight Specific Wildlife - Again, these trails cross urban areas, grassy fields and some even through several forests or even by Canal Ways, so wildlife is expected ofc, again, this does not effect the waypoint.

how many of these trail markers are there? - There is usually one marker at every point of a change of main direction, again these are all spaced out and planned by the organisations that provide these routes (usually with your tax money/ grants )

Are they distinguishable and far enough apart that it doesn’t make the others any less unique? - Each marker is usually displays an icon or crest of the trail OR it can even just be a yellow arrow with or without a route number, all of those are quite eligible and acceptable. The laying of the crumbs for players to explore and progress on these routes, spaced out quite well - perfect for Niantic Games.

"The next thing we consider is if they are permanent. Stickers and printouts are not considered permanent and may be rejected. " - Most sticker variations of these markers are Branded onto the metal signs they are placed upon, these can be arrows or emblem markers. Markers nailed to wooden posts are quite permanent, in essence they can last for several years. Of course its all ware and tear at the end of the day. You should think, will this continue to be here in at least 24 months time, with that also remember that these are going to be supported by local councils and footpath associations and again paid for by tax payers and goverment grants to Trail Groups.

Overall Trail markers , be it ones with art or logos , or ones that have arrows or numbers. These provide players with a set safe route for Exploration, Exercise and a chance to be social with friends or colleagues on a set walk/route/hike. There has always been a view of trail markers being unworthy, i’ve no idea why exactly but from my experience it is elitist Ingress players who only want “amazing” POIs in game, not “boring” trail markers, plus other POIs that are still considered nuance.

Keep nominating your markers. Link the route map from a website (www. in supporting info AND if you can, do some photospheres and add them too the towns google page and link it.

Good luck.