Forum bug: One topic entry disappears from Forum list when logged in

  1. Select Topics and “Latest”

  2. When not logged in to Forums you see from topics list:

  1. When logged in to the Forums the highlighted entry disappears from topics list:

I suspect its just further down on the list. The forum orders topics by what has recently changed and by what you have personally read. When not logged in, i guess it can’t track your personal activity, so it just orders by what has recently changed. If you have read this topic, then when you’re logged in, it has moved down the list

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Thanks for comments.

I did check all messages up to 3 days old when I reported a bug, and did not find it.

I also just now checked it again and cannot find that topic when I am logged in, now I checked all topics until 6d old and even searched it with “after”.

There was even Microsoft Edge update and PC reboot between checks.

I can only find it from my Profile page → Summary → Top Topics or from “My Posts” list.

I even scrolled the Topic list to the end and searched for “After” → 11 search results but did not find my topic.


I also have trouble finding stuff on the forum. An ambassador recommended I change the “Default Home Page” in my Preferences under Notifications to Categories, and since then, it seems to be much easier for me to find things I am looking for.

I am logged in and I can see that particular topic fwiw, but it is at the very bottom of the list in that view


Hi @hopeakotka
Have tried over your profile → activities?

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Or an active filter in advanced surch?

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“Profile → Activities” seems to be the same than the “My Posts” from left side panel. And both shows “the missing” topic.

Advanced search does not find anything with word “after”

Tried all Default Home Page options, none of them helped:


I don’t know what to tell you. I can see it. Its about 4 pages down for me.

It hasn’t been updated in 8 hours.

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It is just a bug: :beetle:

Than here is the link to your own topic :face_with_hand_over_mouth::

Try to bookmark it :wink:

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Found a reason why the topic was not shown in Topics → Latest list:

There is a selection in topic what kind of notifications you want to receive:


I selected “Muted” when I created a topic.
The topic has voting tables and I did not want to get too many notifications.

Now I noticed when I opened and read “Muted” description it says:


“it will not appear in latest”

Selected “Watching” and the topic is now shown in latest list as expected.

Thanks for everybody for good comments and support!