Forum Header Display on Mobile

The forum header displays a little odd on mobile. The Reporting Abuse and Wayspot Removals button text probably should be smaller :woman_shrugging:


It’s also missing the link to Wayfarer and the Help Center, which do appear on the desktop version, and that looks awful on mobile:

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Interesting. Looks like the whole header needs better scaling for mobile viewing :thinking:

Also… I now see that the default “latest” view issue is a mobile one. Surely there’s administrative settings for that to be made more user friendly for mobile :thinking:

I don’t have the same issue with oversized text on iOS, though I am apparently missing some links too. I like how the logo looks though.


This is how it looks for me on mobile. I did zoom on mobile, and the logo eventually disappears.

As for my default page, I have it set to show Categories, and it does so on both my computer and phone.

Does it not show the categories on desktop by default?

No, it doesn’t. It has to be set up in your account settings. You have to go to Preferences, then Interface, and there is a Default Homepage option. It’s defaulted to Latest.

Yeah, I was already told that, I just wondered if it was moot on desktop if it shows as two columns :woman_shrugging:

And aligned correctly

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