General challenge tips

Do you have any non country specific tips since 500 reviews or whatever the top tier amount is can be a grind for normal not-we.

If you are unsure ask. There is generally someone here who can help out even for an individual review you are not sure about.

Review when travelling. An hour on the train or bus will get you through a chunk of reviews.

Review when you are doing something passive and mindless like watching Tv.

Reviewing can be a boring task for many so having a playlist can help reduce the tedium.

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:frowning: No music No life @NianticAaron

True that. So, I did not remove the reference to music. I just removed the YouTube links to specific videos :slightly_smiling_face:

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How many edits can we do before a cooldown?

Whats the bet? 20? 30?

You never cease to amaze me, buddy. The Flaming Lips?!?!?!?! Great, great recommendation.

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I am planning to review with the old Doctor Who on in the background.

Susan has just told the Robo-Men to take out the Daleks.

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i’m confused why youtube links were removed, is that considered a violation of " Post Only Your Own Stuff"? seems a stretch. oh well, i’ll just have to imagine what might have been shared.

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I was being deliberately flippant :slight_smile:


Moved from General

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Perfect time for me to do it today was at halftime of the footy

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