Don't Lose that lovin' feeling

Wanted to offer up some tips that have helped me keep my head in the reviewing game and hope this helps others.

I had a some tips that I would offer up:

  • Take your time, don’t rush through (give the nomination the effort it deserves)
  • Set out a designated time for reviewing (20 minutes or 25 reviews)
  • Don’t get frustrated - this can be hard I know.
  • Look for abuse, but don’t assume everything is abuse.
  • Remember the premise is to add legit POI’s to the Lightship map, not any one game

All good points, useful advice, definitely important to take time and check things properly. Thank you.

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Do you have fun when reviewing?

Occasionally I might see something that interests me that leads me to search for what it is and why it’s there but that’s very rare.

Reviewing has always felt like a necessity to help out or get one of those things nobody wants any more…

Mostly reviewing feels like wading through treacle/molasses tbh

Install extensions at Makes reviewing a tad bit easier to get through.

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Suspicious Minds :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note:

I like the -to the point nature - of this and I could happily come up with something to expand about each.
You need to be alert that something might not be right.
It could be malicious, it could just be a mistake or perhaps when you look deeper there is nothing to be concerned about.