Getting Wayspot located beyond 20M

Hey all.

Trying to get the hang of the new digs. Quick question, There is a wayspot that is a good distance from it’s correct location. I am unaware if it was deliberate or accidental. The actual wayspot exists but it is beyond the 20M distance. How to I go about getting it moved to it’s rightful location.

Btw the location where it should be positioned has nothing wrong with it to begin with so I believe it could have been a placing issue.

Just asking because it goes beyond the normal distance.


This talks about Edit Appeals, but this is also where you make requests for edits of this distance.

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@seaprincesshnb is there not a limit on the distance though? 20M

Disregard above reply. Checked it out and it seems to have accepted it. Thanks for the help. :+1:

You’re welcome. Pass it forward!

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Will do. :+1: