Wrong wayspot location - change request declined

Hey there!
Im looking for advice. There’s a wayspot in my area (in the forest) that was uploaded with the wrong location. When i want to scan it, i have to activate the scan at the ingame location and then walk ~60-70m to the real spot and scan there.
I requested to change the location (in jul’22), including photos with gps tag, and recieved an answer today (lol) saying they dont accept my request. Without any further explanation. So… what now? I hardly doubt this is in favor of anyone to have the wrong location. But i do know that it annoys me^^

Anyone got any experience with an issue like that?

I just got notice today, of a Waypoint correction in my town that they rejected my correction. When I submitted the original portal (a new soccer field) there was no Google map satellite or street view of said soccer field. Across the street, there was a football field with a announcer stand that did show up, so those that reviewed it “corrected” the location thinking the location was incorrectly noted, thus making what I submitted show up in the wrong location although still close enough to not care to much. It’s just a frustrating process, not sure what people think when reviewing appeals.

You can submit location edits of over 10 metres through the wayfarer support chat by logging into your wayfarer account, going to the help page and tapping on the orange speech bubble in the corner. This will allow you to submit additional evidence including geotagged images that can help verify that the location edit is correct. You will usually get a decision within around 48 hours at most.


I don’t think help chat has ever denied a location edit for me when I have provided geotagged photos. (They have denied a removal.) But it never takes that long for them to get back to me. They usually get back to me the next business day or so, and always within the week. There isn’t another way to submit a location edit that far, so I am very confused what happened here.


Where exactly did you give the gps photo to?