Golf terrain Spiegelven

Hey, i recently saw there are more and more portals on golf terrains are they allowed? They are 10mins from my place i can take them down from the outside but cant capture them without breaking any rules that are made for our own safety so basically each hole has a info sign and for now only the ones on the outside are portals at almost any place on the golf terrain it says you cant get on the grass for your own safety like getting hit by a ball for now it isnt really a problem yet but what if the holes in the middle of the golf terrain are getting nominated?

There should be one wayspot for the whole course. Individual holes shouldn’t be nominated and should be considered a duplicate of the course, but good luck getting them removed for being duplicates. Other things on golf courses can be eligible (things like gazebos), but should not be in the way of people actually playing.


They look like this so far i noticed there is 1 you can access by a path from the outsdide without entering the grass field the other ones you have to get on the field

The main entrance already has portal

Submitting all the individual holes is like submitting individual bases on a baseball field. The individual holes are not supposed to be accepted, but Niantic’s “removal criteria” doesn’t allow for removal of wayspots because they never should have been accepted. So you may see some in game, although they shouldn’t be.