Reviewing and submitting rant

Thank u all

Please see the Criteria Clarification Collection - disc golf holes are not eligible separately, and what criteria would a drinking fountain meet? Is it a great place for exercise, exploration, or being social, or is it just infrastructure? Same for the bike station.

Nominations are for Wayspots in the Lightship database, although that is not what the in game prompts say. Google Pokemon Go and S2 cells if you want to understand which Wayspots are used in Pokemon Go. Many are used in both PoGo and Ingress, so it isn’t a matter of going to Ingress instead.


Wayfarer can be very challenging when you first start submitting for many reasons!

Here is a link to a topic in the recently added Criteria Clarification section that addresses Disc Golf Courses - Golf & Disc Golf Courses

Another thing to note is that you nominate to the Lightship database. Each Niantic game (Ingress, Pokémon Go, Pikman Bloom, Peridot, and MHNow) all have their own inclusion rules and use the database. Others on the form can explain the details of this for Pokémon Go better than I can.

Hope this helps!

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Hi there! Are the disc golf courses you’re submitting individual holes/goals/baskets (unsure of the correct terminology, sorry)? If so, the guidance from Niantic is that there should only be one wayspot per golf course, otherwise they could pose a danger to players and/or disc golfers.

I see that @cyndiepooh and @LetsRollGirl just linked the disc golf criteria, so please check that out to understand why individual holes were rejected as unsafe.

Also please note that the permanent/seasonal rejection is under the same rejection tab as indistinct. It may not be that the reviewers believe it’s seasonal but rather that the nomination doesn’t stand out in the area or isn’t unique.


Thank u for the imput. I have been nomiting for some time now, as mentioned in my rant.
I picked it up lately due to ither players and myself feeling the game is getting stale.
Seems one of the reoccurring topics when we have meet ups is the excitement when new stops and gyms appear.
Also the big thanks I recieve when one of my submissions get through.

Thank you so much for your imput.
Like u I am sure , I have had the pleasure and sometimes disappointment of playing Go in diffrent cities and multiple countries while attending multiple gofest and safari zones, I have even had the ability to travel to diffrent regions for the sole purpose of hunting regionals. In those travels I have seen my fair share of pokestops and gyms. Some legitimate through the guidlines many that are not , many I getva good laugh from.
The reason I mention all of this is, making a water fountain (which also has a dog fountain attached) or a bycycle repair/ air station submissions at a park is they both have purpose . When u are out at a large park with your dog or on a bycycle exploring a new park it is nice to be able to look at the stops in the game and see some things that are also very useful. Both are very socialable places.
Maybe you have heard the tum “at the water cooler” .
The ones I mentioned are just a few off the top of my head.
I have had many that have appeared as well.

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All good .
As i put in the title Rant.
I know not all will be accepted and some will go to other games and some MAY even be duplicates eve though I see that may be a bug.
The most frustrating thing is when you go to other areas while exploring and you see location with 3 or nore stops actually touching each other .

That is because the s17 cells are there and the waypoints are close together. There are some great websites and information online about S2cells and others, particular Pokemon Hub. It is unfortunate that some parks might only have one S17 cell over it if it’s small or you might have 4 touching in the centre. In the first you get one stop or gym and in the other you can have up to 4.

Google it. Great information. Niantic did not create the S2 cells fyi. They just use them.
Apparently I got flagged?! Maybe because I dropped a link :upside_down_face: my bad