Heads up re:Mermaid Boxes

So this looks awesome, but I look at the facebook page and it says that there are east and west mermaid boxes on this beach. That’s less than three, if I remember rightly. So I asked on the group how many boxes there are. (Couldn’t see where to dm an admin) Then my question is deleted… Hmmm. Anyway, I was writing another note when the review timer expired… Has anyone seen these before?

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Yes, i have seen a mailbox before.


While I haven’t seen any of this nature, I have seen treasure boxes like this similar to LFLs. If these are at a public place, like a beach, they would be a nice thing to explore.

And yes, some do look like good old fashioned mail boxes.


That’s what I thought at first… until I saw the facebook page. I wo–uld have approved if someone wasn’t lying about how many there are! But as it is I never got the chance to reject because I timed out :frowning:

Sorry, what is this? You havent explained anything.

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There’s no time when wayfarering to google for facebook groups about items and then try to ask questions and get a reply anyway

You kind of have to judge from the info provided, maybe a quick search, but honestly if there are 3 now rather than 2, why is that a big deal? If they arent duplicates and someone has added a 3rd I’d be fine with accepting ir

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No, my apologies. It’s like a little free library for “fun items” instead of books. The people who put them up seem to have a facebook group with over 8,000 members, so seems legit. The weird experience I had was that I asked on the group how many mermaid boxes there were and they took down my question. Part of my question here is grumbling that I didn’t have time for a conversation about it. I’m sure there are reasons why there should be a time limit for a review, but it irked me that I wasn’t able to finish a review.

yeah, of course you’re right in that this isn’t an absolute right or wrong situation. Trouble is with this time is that there WAS time for someone to see my comment and time for them to block me instead of answering how many boxes there are. The facebook group says two, but the nomination was for #3… made me wonder if someone in the fb group was nominating boxes that aren’t there, that’s all

Yeah, its odd, but I would have been okay accepting it if the image looked like a different design and location to the other 2.

I don’t use facebook anymore but I know there’s some moderation settings for groups to restrict new members from commenting right away, so I wonder if it was actually that sort of thing?

Either way, mystery of #3 aside these look fun!!

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Oh I thought it was where the mermaid’s postal address was. Disappointed :frowning:


I don’t think mermaids doxx themselves :sunglasses:

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