Help. I don't Understand the Rejected?

I need some help. I have received this rejection, but is does not make sense. It is a one of a kind that is famous in Potchefstroom. Part of local culture for students. People come from far to experience it. It is situated in a business strip on the busiest part of the town. Whyy would it be rejected, I feel it is a perfect wayspot.
Also I don’t see a way to appeal the wayspot. How does that work?


I see that this is a night club, and it seems like it may be an adult-only location. I don’t know how night clubs work in South Africa, but in the US, they are typically only open to those 21 and over, as they serve liquor/alcohol. These are hard to get approved, but the reviewers should have chosen to reject as an adult location, as it’s not a private residence. It seems this was chosen though as it sounds like students live here, not party here.

Generic business may have been chosen instead of adult location as reviewers may have seen it as a business that doesn’t meet criteria. If this is an adult-only location, I think choosing generic business was ok, but adult location would have been better.

You onlu get 2 appeals every 20 days; once 1 appeal is used, you have to wait 20 days from appealing to get it back. If you have used both of your appeals within the last 20 days, you won’t see the appeal button in Contribution Management until the 20 days has passed.

As for appeal, this one may not be approved on appeal if it is an adult-only location, and it could be rejected by the appeals team as well for the bad description making this appear to be student housing.

Students Live around the area. This is a Central Bussiness district surrounded by Student Housing. It is a Dans Bar. How it works between certain Hours it is open location to all and after 9pm it is only Ages 18+. The Venue is also for hire to host events etc.

I will then first reevaluate my discription and then Redo it all

I am fairly positive the Niantic appeals reviewers would reject this. They don’t like anything that seems like a bar. And i doubt your local reviewers will change their minds. If i were you, id try to find something else nearby.

There’s an entire park across the street that has no POI. Please start with the easy things before trying to add these difficult POI.


This is one that you will probably struggle with, bars are often seen by reviewers as adult only places so you would have to put in some effort to indicate otherwise, do they do other things here too?

The rejection reasons are usually pretty nonsensical, you have to try and read between the lines and take a best guess as why they may have been chosen. Generic business in this case could be quite self-explanatory, people just don’t see it as an interesting or unique location. It’s surprising this wasn’t knocked for inappropriate location as it could be considered adults only.

You mention multiple articles about the place but don’t bother to link them, this is generally good practise to help reviewers understand your claims and make it as easy as possible for them. Maybe explain what the culture and traditions that you mention this place represents are?

Reviewers will need more from you to indicate why this particular POI stands out among all the other similar spots in the area.

Adding to the comment from @seaprincesshnb , while there doesn’t seem to be a huge amount in that park, one of the structures has a sign that seems to translate to ‘Community Theatre’ this might be worth investigating. Additionally, I see plenty of cafes, gyms, parks, museums, religious buildings, many of which don’t seem to already be POI and all things that could be or contain good nominations if presented well. Unfortunately I don’t have the local knowledge to know which would be the best to try.


Thank you still new to Nominating so still learning. thank you