Rejected for Generic Business

I cannot seem to get this approved. I have tried a couple nominations for this place and was recently to suggested to try to emphasize the socialize aspect of the place and for the life of me nothing is working. I don’t know what to do differently. Please help!

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I voted to approve it just a bit ago. Sorry it didn’t pass. Looks like a nice place.

I’d probably remove the part about it being near public transport. That has nothing to do with the submission or eligibility criteria.

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Since you are seeing “Location Inappropriate” as a rejection, some people think this is an adults only place. Try to provide evidence in the supporting that it is not. You are on the right track with the description giving specific things it is known for - add more of that if there is anything. Like live music, trivia nights, etc. The last sentence in the description sounds like you are just quoting criteria, and I would leave that off.

If your description has all the interesting stuff, your supporting only needs to state what criteria it meets and give links needed for proof. I wouldn’t mention the stuff about what it is between unless needed to locate on Maps.


Some may have flagged it as an adult location, especially if it’s not open to those under the age of 21.

Beer garden is the 1st thing I would remove from the description, but at the same time, there are reviewers that will just reject any 21+ places as adult locations. It’s kind of hit and miss at times with bars/pubs, etc, that are not open to the entire public.

In the UK, a pub would be a place where families are welcome, so they arent considered an adult only location at all, in fact in the beer gardens they often have play equipment!

I suppose this is a country specific thing because here, a pub usually sails through voting first time and is accepted easily.

They are indeed a great place to socialise, and assuming under 21s arent barred from entering at all times then I’d keep trying it! Maybe that is something to add to the supporting information if its the case that younger people are able to enter with adults for food and soft drinks?

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To echo what’s been said, in the UK pubs are typically great places for being social and aren’t restricted to only those over 18 (legal drinking age here).

A pub will often have a play area and a kids menu for food, so plenty of families come in.

I don’t know the US view on them in that regard.

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The inappropriate location as others have stated was probably due to reviewers thinking that this pub only offered adult services and age gated the community. The generic business rejection was probably due to reviewers who didnt see anything special about this pub that sets it apart from any others. I would have voted yes to the pub myself, but next time i guess try to explain its importance more to the local community so reviewers dont think its just any other average business.

Pub can just be another name for a bar in the US that is 21+, adults only. It can also be used for a place that may have both a bar for 21+ and a restaurant for all ages, but it’s rarer.

The pubs where I live are Irish themed and 21+, no kids allowed. Yeah, I know, not an authentic experience, not run by anyone Irish typically, just a theme to bring in customers.

When I nominate restaurants, I try to make sure that the reviewers recognize that the food looks good by examining in detail what ingredients are used, where they come from, how they are seasoned, and what cooking methods are used for the most popular dishes. Every thriving and long-running business has an owner who is aware of what makes it different from its peers. The endorsement of a popular restaurant would explain the difference from other companies and prove that it is not generic.