Hey Regulars! Can you point me to the lounge?

Still trying to understand features of the new forum. I think I’m eligible for the lounge, but not sure where it’s hidden….

The lounge is coming Soon™… Maybe.


Fair enough :smiley_cat:

Go to your account preferences, and in the account section, there is a title area. If you’ve earned Regular, this is where you can choose to have it next to your name.

As for a lounge, expect it in about 2-3 years…

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Welcome to the growing group of regulars😎
I’m afraid there is no lounge. :sob:
But it raises an interesting question should there be some sort of “perk” or access for certain users?
Does it make any difference that some have the tag regular and trust level 3?

Personally I’m not a fan of the terms but they are part of the discourse package.

Seems people would know who regulars are without a tag, since they comment on stuff “regularly”

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I’ve got no idea what qualifies someone to be designated as a regular :joy_cat: I guess I need to comment more instead of just reading lol.

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/Hanging out in the kitchen with the irregulars

The irregulars hang out back by the dumpsters.


What’s a dumpster?

A tip? A bin? A right regular big box of crap that can be emptied by a special lorry?

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Number 3 wins


@seaprincesshnb it is possibly a language problem, but I must ask.
Are you saying, that all the users which reached not trustlevel 3 are trash?

So I can see both sides of a lounge perk.

Maybe it could be good for regulars to have a place to blow off steam or share memes. Or even get on the same page about how to approach a certain question or topic.

But on the flip side maybe for educational reasons it’s better to have everything public and transparent.

I’m kind of curious if the Forum platform has reasons why such things as a lounge or other pers are beneficial for forums in general.

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Yeah, I’m 99.9% certain that there will never be a lounge. We just aren’t that kind of community.

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It’s not a language problem. I think she is calling us trash :sob:


I think the point she is making is that we don’t want to exclude anyone.

I get that. It’s what I was saying about transparency.

Although everyone chatting here does have the Regular badge.

And we may all be a bit irregular in that we enjoy Wayfarering as much as we do!

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Well the most effective class systems are invisible, right? I had no idea it was a thing until now as well!

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Hi @Andy502
In this article you can find more about it:


sweet I’m regular now too, I guess this means I’m no longer eligible according to internal reviewers.