"Historic Stone Silo" - How does this look?

I almost exclusively use 1:1 for the main photo

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‘Historic’ is used to refer to something entirely in the past e.g.: The historic Battle at Gettysburg. (The fighting is long over.)

‘Historical’ is used to refer to things that are connected to the past, but are still present in the here and now.

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Well everyone, the Silo has been submitted with all the advice I got on this thread. I hope it’s enough to be accepted. If it is rejected I will wait a few months and and try again. Hopefully the brewery will get some permanent art and proper exterior signage I could submit as well.

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Good luck….
Yes if it doesn’t work visit the bar and pour out your woes to the those behind the bar. Maybe they will like the idea of a mural :thinking:

My plan is that if it’s accepted I’m going to show up with an empty growler and fill it up with my favorite brew. The bartenders and I will all spin the stop together. I was so pleased to find out that they are both level 40+ players.


We did it! Thank you all so much for your help! You’ve educated me and I’ll use everything I’ve learned for future nominations! Can’t wait to visit the brewery this weekend and celebrate, they will be so happy!


Omg that’s really great news!! Well done :clap:


whoo hooo
:partying_face: :tada: :partying_face: :tada:

Well done everyone
Okay no time to rest on our laurels …
bring on the next challenge