Old Historic Armory building

Ive tried nominating a Armory building built in 1941 in my local town and They wont nominate it and i actually have some good pictures and information on it. Yet i have a nominated pokestop literally down the street that is Called a fire department, but is actually a empty field. Somebody explain to me what im doing wrong lol
The Old Springfield Armory

It was built in 1941 and used by the local national guard until 1981 and now it is open to the public. It has a indoor basketball court open to the public and has been a big part of Springfields history.

Go to Nomination Support and post your attempt there so people can help you with it. You can report a fire station in app to get it removed by tapping at the top to access the menu. Or use one of the forms at the top here.


Hello! I moved this topic to Nomination Support. @Mpoketrus feel free to share your nomination and I’m sure someone will be able to help you!

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Thank you! Im still tryna figure this app out.

People will usually post screenshots of their rejected nominations to get advice on those. We need to see the rejection reasons, the main and supporting photos, and the Title, Description, and Supporting text to help fully. If you feel that you need to hide or edit out locations for safety, please do. But sometimes it can help us give advice if you do give the location, if it appears that something on (or not on) Maps may be the issue.

The Old Springfield Armory

It was built in 1941 and was used by the local national guard until 1981 and now is open to the public. It has a indoor basketball court open to the public. It was the first
Springfield armory building built in Springfield Kentucky.

How do i see the rejection reasons. I tried to look and i couldnt find anything on why it was rejected

in your contributions page on the full size view

should be near the top on the left

like this

did you take your own photos for the nomination? the photos in this thread don’t look like ones you would have taken as one is clearly old and the other is streetview (I’m 99% sure but didn’t verify)

I’ve noticed a trend recently of people nominating historic buildings with historic photos and/or streetview screenshots and that’s an automatic rejection.


Okay, thank you for the comment. I used an old picture to show what it looked like back when it was built. But i will remove it and take my own photo.

I see it now, it just says Wayfarer criteria

Same here, if this is a tall screenshot of something that is not your own photo, the rejection is correct. Third party photos are not allowed and the photo being 2/3 black will not help your case.

Also this is another attempt at nominating the same spot. Just a differemt approach and it also got rejected lol. But both say the same thing

Your email probably says “our team” instead of the “community” as well. It is highly likely that the Machine Learning ai realized that was not a photo that met criteria, as tehstone and xeno pointed out.

So now that the photo is clear ….lets look at the potential of the actual place.
A basketball court should be fine. However your submission is a mix with the title about basketball and a photo of a building.
If you get a good photo of the basketball court and provide a link to the information that it’s there then that should be ok.
Is there a plaque perhaps in the lobby about the building itself?
I find the building interesting and a good write up should also be ok.
Have you checked the S2 cells for this site? If that means nothing to you please say so.
If you want to post what you are thinking of nominating we can comment further.


How do i check the s2 cells?

Im fairly new to all this stuff and im just tryna figure out how everything works.

And should i use the basketball court picture as the main picture? I just used the building as the picture so people would know what to look for when looking for this place.

This is link to it but i cant find anything saying theres a basketball court. Also have a picture of the s2 17 cells in the area, and the yellow circle there is a pokestop and the red circle is the one im trying nominate. Armory - Springfield KY - Living New Deal