How do I Ensure Ingress Rewards for Wayfarer Challenges on New Forum?

Quick question as this is my first challenge. On the previous forum my wayfarer was linked to my ingress account, but it is linked to my pokemon account now with the new forum. I believe reading through the rewards that we would get a passcode for both if you meet the level requirements. I would rather get rewards in ingress, so just wanted to check on that. Trying to make sure I read that correctly about the tier and rewards. It says “not per game account” and I believe that refers to the wayfarer upgrades rewards, correct?


Thanks for raising the question. The game account you used to create a forum account will not be considered. When sending out rewards, we’ll use the Wayfarer account and look at the game accounts you have linked there. I see your Ingress account linked to your Wayfarer account so if you meet the tier requirements you’ll receive both. Hope this helps.


After the previous challenge, some people didn’t get the rewards right away because emails were sent to old address no longer connected to the game and they bounced. Has that been resolved, or is there a way to confirm what email Niantic has associated to our account?

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You could reach out to Help Chat or here on the forum and we will assist you in case that happens.