[WAYFARER Challenge] Lacklustre Ingress Rewards

Hello Wayfarer team.

The individual Ingress rewards are very lacklustre (and looking at the other games, they are also lacking).

They should be on par with the community rewards, a nice bundle of items. The OPR Live tick is barely enough, and I know there are people that didn’t bother after they got the first point.

So please, next time, give us ALL a nice bundle of items as a reward.


I agree that the Ingress ones could be much better. In previous challenges we got Frackers.

I also understand it may be hard to equate some items. If Pokémon GO rewards are 6 Poffins, should the Ingress ones be 6 Battle Beacons? Tricky to say.

One that was quite glaring to me was getting 7 Super Incubators in Pokémon GO versus only 3 Rare Kinetic Capsules on Ingress. In the games these are very similar 3-use items that allow you to get something nice from walking a certain distance so I would think these should be equal.

OPR Live is a great thing to get, and I know there’s no Pokémon GO equivalent, so should they get a little more? Again, tough call.

The other thing with OPR Live is that it reaches a point. The highest tier on it is 20. I didn’t have it before the first challenge it came in and it’s now on 2.

If we get an OPR Live tick every quarter, then I’ll be done some time in 2028 (I think, not had coffee yet) and then what’s my Ingress motivation to do more challenges at the highest tier? Others have more ticks than I do from previous events so will be even higher.

As for Peridot, all I see is users giving codes away to those who play that game. I understand it’s a Niantic IP, so it is probably easier to get codes as no extra discussions needed with the IP owner etc., but I would feel more motivated if we got Pikmin Bloom/Monster Hunter rewards instead of Peridot.


Todavía no he recibido los códigos al correo

I guess i see the points here, but to be honest I didn’t this challenge for the rewards for other games.

Or any of the other Wayfarer challenges for PoGo/ingress rewards. My motivation has been the clearing out of the queue in my area and the upgrades. (Which are now not needed as much at the moment)

Now this is based on my personal situation. Others in areas where the queue is not as long may feel different.

Don’t get me wrong, the other items are nice, but that at the end of the day was not my main motivation.

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It is strange how the Ingress rewards go down the more you review.
First 100 reviews: 1 kcap
Next 150 reviews: 1 kcap (total: 250 reviews, 2 kcaps)
Next 250 reviews: 1 kcap (total: 500 reviews, 3 kcaps)

Should be 1, then +2, then +4.


The L8 resonators I literally delete anyway and kinetics are alright but only 3. I’m not planning on getting more ticks, just wanted the badge in the first place. I expected them to not be great anyway so not too disappointing.

OPR Live should have never been a tiered badge