How does Emily function?

If I can’t get DFBs removed I can at least make them look a wee bit better.

Why would Emily auto accept this, within 5 minutes

But not these

Does it not scan everything? Would it seem haphazard to have submissions randomly scanned or only at certain times?

Apologies if dead people benches offends anyone.

I’ll call them DFBs ( Dead Fam Benches) from now on :+1:

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I see two possible differences between eMiLios choice and the others.
At first it seems that MichaeL loves a huge, blue sky.
The second is, that on the first photo is a complete bench, in the others only the plaque.
Maybe aMaLia have a problem to proof it automatically.

Here is a link to where Niantic explains how their ML works, but it isn’t specific:

Assuming Emily scans every submission?

That’s interesting but I’m not sure it tells me anything about what it does as opposed to how it functions.

The biggest problem with machine learning is that it’s only as good as the data that are inputted. I don’t know how they create their models, but if what’s categorized as an acceptable, POI is based on results from community reviewers we know it’s going to be a mess.


I think there needs to be enough (whatever that may be) of a similarity between the 2 photos for Emily to agree that on the balance of probability it is the same object.
Emily will always be learning.
So the first one is a bench replacing a bench that’s a fair bet :+1:
2 and 3 will probably look like very different objects so computer/Emily says no.
4 is almost discernible as a bench but not quite……I think this where Emily may overtime and feedback learn to change the likelihood that it is the same……but my understanding could be very wobbly.

I think you are right that it helps for us to understand exactly what is happening so we can adjust our expectations and also our approach.

Yes, I think so

I’ll find some more DFBs later this evening which won’t be difficult and try again with different levels of similarity to the current Wayspot image :slight_smile:

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Alice, my dear
It’s really quite clear
The facts that you thought you imagined
Aren’t here


DFB doesn’t work, sorry.
@seaprincesshnb, as an experienced football/soccer explaining profi, will tell you why

I don’t understand you :pensive:

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Added instantly

Not added instantly

The Wayspot image showing wasn’t of the actual garden but of Robin Hood Gate about 15m away.

The available images for Emily to ‘look’ at were

Sometimes its not even worth my time to deny 26thDoctor.



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Add pic of the bench from the front and retry…